Seriously stifled laughter occurred

I told you the other day that I had found some of my old stories. The Case of the Missing Tap Shoe is one of them. Oh my goodness. I had forgotten how funny I could be. It’s like college ruined something in my creativity and I’m just now rediscovering it. It’s been long enough that I couldn’t remember what happened in the story. SO very many of them have been like this. I’ve found plot lines that were sketched out, just waiting for enough words to be added to call them chapters or stories.

The laughter came while reading this story. There is a character called Elinor (one of my favoritest names in the world, by the way) and she is so real and familiar. And she is funny. I love her frankness and way of speaking. Is that strange to say??? I mean, I know she doesn’t really exist, but part of me wonders what kid I was babysitting at the time to inspire such a character. Then again, it may just be my strange sense of humor causing me to crack up. Who knows? It probably didn’t help that I was reading this at around 3am last night. Nearly everything in existence is hilarious to me at 3am. It’s just a fact. It’s also the reason I had to hold my mouth shut as tears streamed down my face. Yes, I was laughing that hard. However, since one brother was still on the xbox and the other was at the Hobbit, the odds of me waking anyone up were 50% lower than normal. The odds were in my favor.


“Some day you w…


“Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.”

– C.S. Lewis

Picture story book thingy mah bop. Whatever. I want one.

Soooooooo I have been inspired to make a picture story thing with a lego character and scenes. I don’t know what the story will be about. I don’t know what the character will look like. I don’t even know if it will happen. But I want it to. Seems like an adventure to me, yes? Yes.

This photo was my inspiration:

Yes, that is Harry Potter. *sigh for awesomeness* Yes, that girl is my awesome friend. Her name is Katie. You just have no idea who you’re missing out on. If you were extra stalkerish, you could visit her at her blog though…. ahem…. My Eternal Voyage. I only suggest this for her awesomeness.

[day 13] Thirty Day Photo Challenge: September 2012 Edition

Today’s photo is of the verses that go with my earlier post, Jesus: Calmer of Anxiety. Being anxious has been a struggle of mine, especially during Grad school. I don’t like failing and tend to hold too high of a standard on myself. This story reminds me of the calm that should be in my life. Why should I be afraid?? I have faith! It is enough.

Day 13:

Story Update: 7 months added to The Journals of Amelia Price


Just click the image above to get access to all the new Amelia Price posts. She has finished up one journal and is ready to move to the next! Exciting, isn’t it? :)

Swings of my Life (aka Weekly Writing Challenge: A Few of My Favorite Things)

This week’s writing challenge is about a few of your favorite things. I have a few favorite things… a book, a bear, a paintbrush, an amazing pair of shoes, a family quilt, but after some thought my choice has to be my swing.

Swings of my Life (aka Weekly Writing Challenge: A Few of My Favorite Things)

I’ve swung on a front porch swing all my life. Actually, I’m a third generation front porch swinger. My papaw grew up in the house I live in and spent countless hours swinging or rocking on the porch. My dad and his siblings did the same thing. Now, my brothers and I have spent our lives thus far swinging on the front porch.

I can remember three swings total in my lifetime (23 years), but I have no idea how many have hung on this porch over the last 80 years. I wish I did and could tell you all about them, but I don’t so you’ll have to settle for the swings of my life.

The first swing was my Papaw’s. I was 4 or 5 years old from my earliest memory. It was winter time and the porch was huge then. I walked with Papaw through the long winding house and the room that always had the door closed to get to the porch. That room was icy feeling on my feet and usually gave the shivers. We would open the big white front door and walk out on the porch. It had screens all around it… a little room all of our own. The paint was peeling and there were lots of treasures my mom called junk, but my favorite was the swing. It smelled like pennies and old pillows. Papaw would sit down on the cushion first, holding the swing steady, then let me climb up next to him. Our cushion was really just an old blanket, but that didn’t matter to me. I would snuggle up next to his chest, resting partly on his left leg and partly on the scratchy orange pillow I loved, and we would watch a little black and white TV. The screen didn’t come in all the time, but it was ours. It always seemed to be showing Andy Griffith or the news. I liked Andy Griffith best.

In the summer time, we would get a bucket of vanilla ice cream off the back porch, fill our glasses with crushed ice and orange juice, grab two spoons and make our way to that swing. So many happy memories. Continue reading

The Hue Hue Hue Man


I told you two weeks ago that I had a Subway napkin story to tell you and this is it. If you haven’t noticed I have a category called Misc Self Entertainment. I just like to entertain myself and others. It’s an effective way to practice creativity and keep smiling. Basically, I like just to smile :) I drew the first picture and Anna added what you see in the second. Every picture represents a change of hands. First me, then Anna, then me, then Anna, then me… you get the idea. Here’s the story! Continue reading

A slightly new story, bro!

This post is to introduce you to Amelia Price. She’s just an ordinary girl trying to figure out life. You know the quote in Lion King “Stuff happens and there’s nothing you can do about it.”? Well she doesn’t think so. First Amelia writes about it. Then Amelia tries to do something about it. She’s 13, kinda spunky and her journals are a part of A Childhood Story. Read what she has to say in From the Journals of Amelia Price.