Giving. It’s the new black.

This post is dedicated to Sevenly. I love Sevenly. I love what they do. I love the causes they support. I love what they stand for. I love that they are changing the world. I love that they let me (and you if you want) change the world with them.

Sevenly is all about giving. AND I love that. So give. Not for praise, adoration, recognition, or acceptance. Give because it’s right. Give because that is something that binds us together. Everyone can give. I give time a lot because it is more readily available. I don’t have much money to give, but I still give it too. Give love. Give hope. Give grace. Give peace. Give laughter. Just GIVE!!! You might just change the world.


Craig Groeschel – The Strongest Link

“You are the most cause driven generation in history. You don’t just want a job. You want a calling.”

– Craig Groeschel

That quote is from the Global Leadership Summit happening today and tomorrow. I am the generation he’s talking about!! His section is so good that I’m copying it for you from Will Johnston here:


My assignment is to talk to you today about bridging the generational gap. There is very clearly a gap today not only in ministry but in the business world as well. I will speak mostly from the ministry perspective because I am a pastor, but I think you can make a jump pretty easily to the business world.

I would not be speaking to you today if it were not for those who had gone before me. I am here today because of the women and men who have gone before me and invested in me. Continue reading

The greatest of these is…

LOVE. That’s the answer. Love is the greatest.

Back in December of last year, I found out about Art Journaling. Basically, it’s taking a day, word, time of life, question, etc and making art from it. (If you want to see other people’s journal pictures/inspirations my Blogged and Paper boards on pinterest have links to them.) I used the word “love.” AND with my art journal, some paint, colored pencils, homemade modge podge, some oil pastels, and a couple of pages ripped from an old stinky book (no way I was gonna read a smell that bad. GROSS!) this is what happened :)

This page (and post) was inspired by Continue reading

Dark Knight Rises



I have been waiting on this one since the other left off and there was no disappointment at all. It was fantastically amazing. Just when I had it figured out, the plot changed. Just when I thought it might be getting slow, the action jumped in and threw me. And just when I thought it was over, the possibilities exploded!!! Good grief it was good :) Sometimes we must be who is needed not who we want to be. Sometimes the good guy must take the fall, not to earn the glory or because someone forced him, but because the world needs grace. If the bad ones always got what they deserved, there would be no good left. At one time or another, the good ones got a second chance too. -sigh- I always leave Batman wanting to do something selfless and change the world. Maybe we should all hold on to that feeling.

Beauty from Horror

This past weekend I went on a family vacation to Savannah, GA. It was my brother’s 21st birthday and we wanted to do something fun to celebrate. On Friday we went to the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum, which is all about WWII memories and history.

Most of the museum was filled with planes and stories of the people who flew, worked on, or planned the flights of those planes. But one section was devoted to a family that helped people escape Germany. They hid Jews and stranded Allies. All of this was interesting, but I’m not easily moved by history even if they are moving stories.

In the corner of the replicated living room, there was an exhibit of embroidery, which immediately piqued my interest. Me? Embroidery? I wonder why… It turned out that this embroidery was the last non-confiscated embroidery of a concentration camp. AND I took pictures.

I had no idea that such things went on. The stories…. oh how many stories have been untold? How many women made it through the war because of their little embroideries? Their little pieces of the old life and sanity. Continue reading

Difficult People

You know those people that drive you crazy? The ones you appreciate more when they aren’t around? The ones that aggravate you to the nth-degree? (I’m sure at least one face has come to mind!)

Now I’m not talking about the normal irritating people that we come across every day. Those are easy to put up with. They come in, you move through, then they’re gone. I am referring to those in our lives that “bless” us with their presence on a regular basis.

I have one in my life right now. (And don’t you dare say “one? you only have one!” and go comparing how much worse your life is than mine. That is not conducive to a friendly reading atmosphere.) This person embodies some of the most irritating things:

  • listener, as in won’t do it
  • conversational, as in one-sided
  • friendly, as in personal space invader
  • leader, as in does it for you
  • helpful, as in won’t show you how

I don’t need to go on. These are five things that could be excellent qualities! Only they aren’t. The trouble with this person doesn’t actually reside in the person themselves. The trouble is me. I am these things too. I embody some of the most irritating things:

  • listener, as in won’t do it
  • conversational, as in one-sided
  • friendly, as in personal space invader
  • leader, as in does it for you
  • helpful, as in won’t show you how

I don’t need to go on. The reason I am so frustrated is because I am dealing with myself. The story changes when I admit that all of the things I despise in another person are the very things I despise in myself.

Today a person that I greatly admire gave me some blunt and useful advice. Well, he told me off first. “The reason you are frustrated is because you are exactly the same.” OUCH. “What you should be focusing on instead of yourself is the [task].” And a little later “Instead of counting and naming all of their failures, look at yourself. Could you have done better? Would you have done better? Is that frustration with something that needs to be fixed in your own life?”

Talk about slammed in the face. There was no behind the back happening in this place. In my face. But I needed to hear it. The question comes down to:

Will I let God change in me what I dislike in others? Will I let Him work His compassion in my heart so that those qualities don’t even exist in my eyes? Will I let Him change me?

So really those were questions, but still. Will I let God work His way?

What are your thoughts?

Never Alone

There is within each person a deep longing to belong, to have a place, to not be alone. Every day we are surrounded by people. Every day we have the opportunity to speak, listen and make a change. It is also true that on some days we feel desperately lonely. It is like we speak and aren’t heard, we listen and aren’t spoken to, we try to change and nothing works. Is any of this true? Probably not. But deep down, does the truth of the question matter? Deep down, what matters in that moment is that we feel alone. We don’t care about the truth when caught in such emotion. I certainly don’t.

And it isn’t really that I don’t know the truth. I know that I am one not alone. It comes down to the fact that my desperate wave of loneliness is a feeling. It is a place that moves me… usually to tears I must admit, but nevertheless it is motion. Motion moves us. I know, what a drastic declaration, revelation, and inspiration. Motion moves us. This changes the question from “Is any of this true?” to “Where are you moving?” Where are you moving? Is the fear of being lonely moving you in circles? Or is this place, this place that moves me, taking me back to the truth? I am I able to release all of the emotional backup (think clogged toilet) that has been blinding me to the truth? Am I able to live the truth again? Yes. I am one not alone. I have the opportunity to speak, listen and make a change. I can shape the future. And I am one not alone.