Marion Stone

Marion Stone dreamt of adventure,
Of life beyond the boarding school walls,
Of hunting dragons and sailing pirates,
Of joining Robin and all his outlaws.
Her life was full of teachers, not fun.
She longed to be free, to be able to run,
And to join the kings and knights of old lore
That could never reach her behind the school doors.
So one night young Marion made her escape.
She snuck down the halls and out the front gate,
And into a world unknown by her then
Where adventure lurked beyond every bend.
Miss Marion Stone felt the excursions abound
As she stood amazed at the world she had found.
The buildings grew high with a star-lighted glow
Filling the streets with such thrilling shadows.
The moon up above whispered incredible plans
That lifted Marion so much that she barely could stand!
Her soul flew high and it was no surprise
When Marion’s fingers met with the clouds in the skies.
Below her the school stood still, silently saying,
“When the adventures are through, I will be here waiting.”
Miss Marion then curtsied in air and promptly flew off
To find the adventures she breathlessly sought.
She soared over mountains and country alike
Beholding many wonders that magnificent night.
It was not quite dawn when Marion flew down for a rest.
She landed in a field, for it looked the best.
She was not disappointed in the spot she had picked.
It was beautiful and bathed in moonlight magic.
She saw all around her such mythical things…
Dragons and fairies and horses with wings!
Giants and dwarves and dryads came too
To see the little girl that fell with the dew.
Miss Marion Stone had found an adventure
She had lived it in fact and still carries it with her.
Marion’s visit was extremely brief
But finding adventure had brought her relief.
She knew in her heart and had seen for herself
That legends and tales lived off a bookshelf.
So Miss Marion said her good-byes
While magical creatures wiped the tears from her eyes.
She stood on her toes and drifted once more
Back to the place she had flown from before.
When Marion got back the school was the same
But she knew in her heart the adventures had changed.
Her outlook on life can now best be described:
“With imagination, one can always survive!”
School is still boring. The teachers aren’t nice,
But Marion’s imagination coats her subjects just right
And with one look outside, Marion can be taken away
Back to the night she was so free to play.

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