There’s a pounding in my ears that won’t go away
My face, it aches from these tears today
But I need the release. I need the cleansing
That comes from this water. A salty rinsing.

Tears streaming down my face
Can’t hold them back
They won’t go back
I’m so alone and out of place
I can’t hear you
I can’t feel you

I could shed, a thousand tears
But they won’t wash away a thousand years
Every strained and gasping breath
A wet heart cry for some rest

Tears streaming down my face
I need you, Lord
I need your grace
I can’t go on, I’m so afraid
I must hear you
I must feel you

My lungs do burn, gasping for the air
I want to heal but I can’t go there
I’m addicted to my aching heart
Pain owns my mind right from the start

Tears streaming down my face
I hurt myself
To my disgrace
Heal me God, oh heal my pain!
I need to hear you!
I need to feel you!

Help me learn to
I’m down here on my
Oh dear God, please take me!
Save me!

Tears streaming down my face
I’ve felt your love
I’ve felt your grace
You’ve given me your breath today
I can hear you
I can feel you


4 thoughts on “Breathe

    • Thanks for your thought! It’s such a true statement. Just like a cutter is addicted to the pain of a knife, so many of us relive painful times in our minds. I think it’s the same addiction. Controlled pain that controls us.

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