Today I am…
A twenty-something.
A blue-eyed brunette with tendencies toward creative and distracting words, actions, and facial expressions (who also happens to love expatriate tax accounting).
A girl who desperately wants to change the world.
A heart and soul seeking after the God that first made me not alone.
“And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” ~ spoken by Jesus in Matthew 28:20

One of my greatest struggles in life has been loneliness. Being in a crowd of people, yet totally alone. I hate it. This blog was started to write to real people instead of just myself. I’ve been journaling since I was 12, but that was always just me. Life is about more than just me. Sooooo I decided to share it. Not so much for friends and family, but more to relate to people I’ve never met. Proof that even without physical presence, a connection can be made and friendships can be shared. That’s why. I hope you can join me! Oh, and my name is Lauren. You know, just in case you had wonderences about my identity :)

“One Not Alone.
In a sea of a billion voices, I am not alone.
In a space of a million bodies, I am not alone.
In the time of a thousand lives, I am not alone.
In the motion of a hundred directions, I am not alone.
In the moment of one dream, I am not alone.
Together we can change eternity.”

You may have noticed my banner on the home page. It’s in support of the African Children’s Project. I’ve joined with them to change the world… the world of orphans in Embu, Kenya. It all comes down to love for me.

1. I love the purpose. Giving orphans a home and a family, not to mention a sense of belonging, value and purpose. Who doesn’t love that???? Actually, I don’t want to know who doesn’t love that. I just want to know if you like that.

2. It’s not some unknown person that might be, sorta maybe doing something. I personally know the founder. She’s my friend Melanie and she grew up in Kenya and went back last November to oversee getting water to the site. She is doing something. She is also sending the first family to live in Embu and to oversee getting families to adopt orphans in August. Plus, I’ve seen the financials and the money is going where it should.

So much exciting stuff is happening with them!! Check it out on Facebook, Twitter, the ACP website or even their first oversees assignee family’s blog! I feel sure I missed some social media site… ;)

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Moving moving moving… kittens!! (aka Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense)

Sooooo basically this entry is a duo. The first picture is my legit phone/instagram cuteness overload pic:

If you don’t understand why this screams future, we can’t be friends. Just kidding. We can be friends. It means future to me because it’s new life. These cute babies were born last Thursday (3 days old now) in the freezing cold. My family pulled them from under the porch (while holding Mama Box Cat back) and moved them to the enclosed porch area. Now they have a space heater and everything ;)

Each kitten has an entire life ahead of it. Even the runt, who was pushed out on Thursday night, has a chance to grow up. I sat with it and rubbed its back until it squeaked and followed my finger back to the group. Friday, it was pushed out again, but I did the same thing and Mama Box Cat finally accepted it and now all four of the little babies are in a great big wad :D

This second picture is not my own. It was borrowed from my friend, Amy.

Passport to Kenya!

I don’t know if you have noticed my African Children’s Project (ACP) postings lately, but there have been a lot of them. My friend Amy and her husband Jason have been the main source of ACP excitement. This passport represents sooooo much future since they are relocating to Kenya to oversee administrative things and construction on site. Talk about total life change!! They have to sell their house (for sale here), raise support (support them here, I’m doing it), pack their two small kids up and move halfway across the world, then build a house and learn a language. Ummmm future much? Heck, yes!

I love the story of this future though and I’m sooooooo extremely blessed to have my time, energy, thoughts, money, and hopes tied to it. I just couldn’t help but love the story and people! And so here’s the story I love to share:

My friends, Jason and Amy are moving to Kenya. But they aren’t going to take over and run things for people. They are going to invest in the community and help orphans from the AIDS/HIV epidemic find forever families. When they get to Embu, Kenya, Jason and Amy will begin building a two story house, paying the local construction groups to build it. They first floor will be devoted to the orphan families and the Yons (Jason and Amy) will live on the second. The idea is that they will seek out a couple or a mother that is willing to adopt several children, then move them into the first floor, and help them become adjusted and well blended as a family. Next, when the new family is ready, construction on a new house will begin, using local workers again. This house will be just for that family and when finished, that family will move in, leaving the first floor of the Yon house empty. Then Jason and Amy will seek out a new couple or mother and start the entire process over again.

The goal is that the orphans find a family that will allow them to be children and grow up with a future. They will go to school instead of working to keep their siblings alive. They will be loved instead of lost. They will get an entirely different future. Now that’s worth posting about!!

You might wonder what happens after several families come together on site. I did too. My friend Melanie (founder and director of the ACP) told me this: “Oh my! I would LOVE for us to be there!! When that does happen, my hope is that those families will run the site on their own, and allow us to move to a different area and do this all over again. That’s my goal, man. And praise God, we’ll get there.”

You can read Amy’s story here, if you want. It’s pretty amazing. No, really. I get goosebumps from it.

Oh yeah, and Weekly Photo Challenge rocks. Just sayin’. Now here’s a bonus Mama Box Cat photo. Why? Because I love her.

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My daisy kitty :)

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Okay, two bonuses. Sheesh.

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Box cat. It's her favorite place to sleep :D #kitteh

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