My Trip to the Mall

I went to the mall to see the zoo
And I couldn’t tell who was who.
I saw all the people passing by
“Or are they animals?” said I.
I saw the elephants in the candy shop
Chugging peanut brittle along with pop.
I watched the monkeys in the toy stores
Climbing on the shelves and stomping on the floors.
A poodle strutted by with her nose in the air
So proud and stuck up she didn’t see me there.
A pack of wolves came rushing through
And I pitied the prey they caught up too.
Soon, a gaggle of geese waddled by me
And one goose alone made the noise of three!!
The food court held this transformed bunch
Cause no matter where, we’re all hungry at lunch.
I walked to my car after my trip to the mall
Still wondering about the animals that I saw.
I opened the door and sat in my seat
And thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be neat
If some of those animals went home from the zoo
And at home one turned out to really be you?”


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