Mirror, Mirror

“Mirror, mirror on the wall”
Now what’s up with that?
“Who’s the fairest of them all?”
That tells me where you’re at.

If you’re stuck in front of your mirror
You know it can’t be healthy
There is a way to see life a lot clearer
And it will not be so deadly
Mirrorism is a term
It has no definition
It will make you twitch and squirm
And alter your position

For good or bad
It doesn’t matter which
To happy or sad
You’ll make a switch

Mirrorism may decide
(With your help of course)
To live life or suicide
It often is the source

If the mirror is where you’re at
And you’ll know for sure
If you’re thin and think you’re fat
There has to be a cure!
You need to learn to not obsess
Yes, it is the truth
About your body and your dress
I’ve given you the proof

Beauty comes from deep within
And not from all around
Inner Beauty, big or thin
Always can be found.


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