Kene’s Birthday Poem

It was my friend Kene’s birthday a couple of weeks ago. We met in freshman year of college and have been friends for almost five years now. He loves fashion and family. He is the most up-to-date person I know on anything/anyone famous. He is obsessed with the Sound of Music and once told me that he wishes he could be adopted by Julie Andrews. Every year we write dramatic birthday messages and celebrate little known holidays (Eliza Doolittle Day on May 20th). It’s just the type of valuable friendship that inspires creativity :)

A Few of Your Birthday Things

Candles on cakes and lots of good wishes
Bright camera flashes and warm tasty dishes
Nice birthday packages tied up with strings
These are a few of your birthday things

Classical musicals and wonderful plays
Designers and models and couture displays
Fashionable clothing and fall runway clapping
These are a few of your birthday things

Family gatherings and friends over til late
Celebrating the Kene born on this date
Laughter and joking and warm happy feelings
These are a few of your birthday things

When the day ends
When it’s all done
If you’re feeling sad
You must simply remember your birthday things
And then you will feel so glad

It is safe to say he loved it. But I knew he would since it was mimicking one of his favorite songs :) This was the facebook post I got in response:
“OMG, that was perhaps one of the BEST birthday messages I’ve ever received!! Why are you in accounting?? That was sooo creative!! And you obvs know me well! Wow, I’m touched! Thank you so much! You have no idea how much I appreciate it and you! I miss/love you! I’ll have to think about something creative, dramatic, and meaningful to write on your birthday, but this tops it all! :-)”

I know some of the best/sweetest people!



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