Slow down young lady
This is getting crazy
When you see him you flutter
And your heart melts like butter
You act really stupid
Cause you’ve been hit by cupid
You’ve got a big crush
So bad that you blush
When you hear his name
You’re almost insane
What I’m saying is true
And because I love you
I’m butting into your business
And saying get over this sickness
He’s ruining your life
And you won’t even fight
Your world is messed up and when you asked why
You wouldn’t believe when we said it’s that guy
Why can’t you see what he’s done to you girl?
When I find that you’re with him I’m ready to hurl
All that jerk gives is pain, guilt, and rejection
He’s a user, you see, he just drains your affection
Break up, lose him, and get rid of him please
Save yourself, I’m begging, down on my knees
I’m praying you listen this time through my poem
Forget him, come back, you’re loved here at home
God loves you more than any guy ever could
He made you special and knows that you should
Be treated with respect, loved and adored
You know it’s the truth so believe what you’ve heard.


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