A Different Kitchen

The spices of life are stuffed in a cabinet
Unopened, unused as Satan would have it.
The taste in this kitchen is disgusting and bland
This nasty flavor has no effect on man.
Is this kitchen the one in your home?
Not touching, but leaving the world all alone.
Most people do not give the right key
To open the cabinet and set people free
I will for your sake and for the world’s
For the life of a man, woman, boy or girl
Believe in your soul and pray in your heart
“Dear Jesus, come in and set me apart
I believe that you died on a murderous tree
To save everyone, including me
I believe that you came back from the grave
To guard, protect, conquer and save
The people of every culture and tongue
No matter the age, the old and the young.”
Now this kitchen is different, the spices in use
Flavoring the world with nothing to lose
This kitchen is delicious, and very real
It is affecting our world with a tasty appeal.


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