Little purse of coins

If you’ve read any of my earlier posts (as in from last year before grad school consumed me), then you know that I do embroidery. Self-taught, just for fun kind of stuff. Seeeeee:


These pics are of my first project. When I lived in Wales, I realized the importance of having such a thing so when I moved back to the states that was the first thing I wanted to make… a new purse. Go figure. Anyways, Continue reading


Beauty from Horror

This past weekend I went on a family vacation to Savannah, GA. It was my brother’s 21st birthday and we wanted to do something fun to celebrate. On Friday we went to the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum, which is all about WWII memories and history.

Most of the museum was filled with planes and stories of the people who flew, worked on, or planned the flights of those planes. But one section was devoted to a family that helped people escape Germany. They hid Jews and stranded Allies. All of this was interesting, but I’m not easily moved by history even if they are moving stories.

In the corner of the replicated living room, there was an exhibit of embroidery, which immediately piqued my interest. Me? Embroidery? I wonder why… It turned out that this embroidery was the last non-confiscated embroidery of a concentration camp. AND I took pictures.

I had no idea that such things went on. The stories…. oh how many stories have been untold? How many women made it through the war because of their little embroideries? Their little pieces of the old life and sanity. Continue reading

Doodling again…

My camera was never fixed. It still says “file is unreadable” every time I try to access it. [insert sadface] But the great thing about broken things is that new ones can be bought. I finally got a new camera last week so the new quilt block can now be posted.

Crazy Quilt BlockThat is the entire thing. All that is left to do is add the date and my signature to the corner. This block was so much fun. It was worked on the bus during a family vacation, sitting around the house and I don’t know how many other locations. It was also my first time using a marking pen to outline some of my designs. The owls were sketched and then embroidered. The black flower swirl wasn’t however because the pen is pink. For some reason pink doesn’t show up on pink…. hmmm… I wonder why.

Here are some close-ups.

Cute little owlsAren’t they so cute???

Black flower swirl

Cherry BranchRibbon TanglesThe fun thing about the ribbon tangles is that they tangled themselves into a little rosette, which was really neat.

Floral OverlayConversationVines of BloomLace the FlowerLittle BearThe cute little bear. My brother told me that he has creepy eyes, but I still like him. I think I like his little bouquet of flowers and his fat nose most of all.

Hopefully more will be completed soon. It’s recruitment season right now so between socials, interviews and classwork, this university girl’s life is a bit full. The bright side is that life is less busy now than it will be come January when I start the CPA exam. Ahhhh optimism.

Doodling with Thread…

In my post about things that didn’t seem to go together I mentioned “Embroidery and Tax.” Unfortunately, everyone knows what tax is so no examples need be given of that particular profession. However, embroidery is an entirely different animal. It seems to be an almost lost craft that has recently come bursting forth back into life. I had never seen it before the spring of last year, when my mum bought a quilting book that happened to have a section on embroidery. That is a long way to say that I love it!! It satisfies my love of sketching and coloring while creating long-term projects that are actually useful! Perfect?? Yes.

This is my very first block. I was so happy with it that I framed and photographed it.Here are some close-ups of the individual areas:

It is hanging on the wall as I type. The original purpose for this thread doodle was to quilt several squares together into a crazy lap quilt. But that idea quickly left as soon as I pressed my hand on those tiny glass beads…. not a pleasant impression to cuddle up with. My newest blocks (only one of which has been finished) have no beads or buttons or any other hard object that could leave an interesting impression in one’s hand (or face if you happened to nap just right.) As soon as my camera becomes unbroken, my foreign object-less blocks will be posted.

Hooray for thread doodles!