Take the time to listen.
Watch the sunshine glisten.
Hear the beautiful breeze
As it flows through the trees.
Watch the flowers as they bloom
They tell you summer is coming soon.
Hear the frog as it croaks
Hello to its blokes.
Watch the sparrow as it soars
On its sunny day tour.
Hear the wind as it blows
Season scents to your nose.
Take a look around; see what’s going on
Because before you know it, it’ll all be gone.


It’s a Maize Maze!!! (aka Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary)

This week’s challenge is on solitary. Solitary means alone. It also means being at once single and isolated. This other definition is the one I’ve chosen to go with.

My little friend, E, kept running off. She was super excited to be in the maze but when you go around too many turns you become alone, single, isolated. In reality we were only a few cornstalks away, but it didn’t appear that way. She looked alone. She looked lost. She looked isolated. Until we came around the corner. That’s what solitary means to me. Not physically alone, but feeling alone. It is possible to be in a group of many people and yet, by yourself. It’s one of the reasons I started this blog, to remind myself that I am One Not Alone.

Here are more pictures from the maze!! My favorites are the last three :D Continue reading

[day 22] Thirty Day Photo Challenge: September 2012 Edition

Andddddddd today’s post doesn’t include the Southern Women’s show either. Oh wells :) But today’s photo DOES include a corn picture. We spent the afternoon at a corn maze near my house. More of that post is in my photo challenge entry coming soon.

Day 22:

Swings of my Life (aka Weekly Writing Challenge: A Few of My Favorite Things)

This week’s writing challenge is about a few of your favorite things. I have a few favorite things… a book, a bear, a paintbrush, an amazing pair of shoes, a family quilt, but after some thought my choice has to be my swing.

Swings of my Life (aka Weekly Writing Challenge: A Few of My Favorite Things)

I’ve swung on a front porch swing all my life. Actually, I’m a third generation front porch swinger. My papaw grew up in the house I live in and spent countless hours swinging or rocking on the porch. My dad and his siblings did the same thing. Now, my brothers and I have spent our lives thus far swinging on the front porch.

I can remember three swings total in my lifetime (23 years), but I have no idea how many have hung on this porch over the last 80 years. I wish I did and could tell you all about them, but I don’t so you’ll have to settle for the swings of my life.

The first swing was my Papaw’s. I was 4 or 5 years old from my earliest memory. It was winter time and the porch was huge then. I walked with Papaw through the long winding house and the room that always had the door closed to get to the porch. That room was icy feeling on my feet and usually gave the shivers. We would open the big white front door and walk out on the porch. It had screens all around it… a little room all of our own. The paint was peeling and there were lots of treasures my mom called junk, but my favorite was the swing. It smelled like pennies and old pillows. Papaw would sit down on the cushion first, holding the swing steady, then let me climb up next to him. Our cushion was really just an old blanket, but that didn’t matter to me. I would snuggle up next to his chest, resting partly on his left leg and partly on the scratchy orange pillow I loved, and we would watch a little black and white TV. The screen didn’t come in all the time, but it was ours. It always seemed to be showing Andy Griffith or the news. I liked Andy Griffith best.

In the summer time, we would get a bucket of vanilla ice cream off the back porch, fill our glasses with crushed ice and orange juice, grab two spoons and make our way to that swing. So many happy memories. Continue reading

[day 1] Thirty Day Photo Challenge: September 2012 Edition

A few years ago I did a “31 days of December” photo challenge on facebook. It turned into more work than fun soooo I’m trying again. The bright side of having challenge in September is that I won’t be in final exams this time. Oh and the weather is nicer for picture taking and there are more things to photograph. Maybe this time things will turn out better :)

Day 1: Trees in my backyard.

[day 1] Thirty Day Photo Challenge: September 2012 Edition

Do you want to join the photo challenge?? Together tends to be better! Comment a link to your post if you do :)