Analyze my work! This is a dare!
Go ahead! Scavenge and tear!
Taste and devour! It is your own choice.
You can destroy my work, but not silence my voice!
I can say what I want, but that’s not my goal.
It is instead to express heart and soul,
To say my emotions in words if I can,
To state my morals, and explain where I stand.
It matters not if you disagree
Opinions were, are, and always will be
Open to discussion; firm, yet not fact;
Able to persuade when stated with tact,
And they cause fights and bond us together.
I’ll stop here, but I could go on forever!
The point is, what I’m trying to say
For once would you please, just keep away!
Let my work speak for itself
It can, you know, without all your help.
Don’t give depth where none was before
And skip over meaning you wish to ignore.
My message in this is really quite plain
Adding to my words would drive us both insane.


I hated Literature class.

True statement pal. I hated literature in both high school and college. Why??????

Wellll, it’s a bit of a story. I love to read. I’m currently in Year 4 of the Harry Potter series. I’ve read nearly all of Louisa May Alcott (more than once), all of Jane Austen, almost all of the “A” section of my local library (youth classics from ages long gone), all of L. Frank Baum, several Newbery Award books, Hunger Games trilogy, most of Ted Dekker, half of the Anne of Green Gables series, and the list continues. I loved most of my stories/books assigned to read in my high school literature classes. I love reading classic literature. I love children’s books. I love journals.

Books <3

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It may be a bit confusing, though, that I love to read, yet hate literature. Oxymoronish, if you will. Yet, truth has been declared. What I hated about literature was the dissection of books/stories/poems. I always felt very assuming, intrusive, and arrogant when doing this. Who am I to assume what the author was thinking?? Who am I to say that there was a hidden agenda underneath the story’s plot? That the characters represented major philosophical perspectives? It always bothered me that literature books and professors wanted me to think this. I didn’t want to be a paranoid reader. I don’t want to be a conspiracy theorist.

Then I started thinking about how I would feel if someone made literary assumptions about me. I wouldn’t like it. Part of me, would really enjoy mocking the assumptions made of me. For instance, I chose to make a despicable character and someone decided that this represented the underlying disdain I have for whatever type of person or political system. In reality, I don’t actually think this far ahead. When I make a despicable character, it’s usually for good opposition. Nice people don’t usually make good opposition. But the mocking would get old, and then I would just be annoyed. Annoyed is not fun.

Like this situation:

When stuff doesn’t come out of a can that is clearly MADE to come out of a can, one gets annoyed. Canned goods should come out of cans. Makes sense to me. That is my annoyed analogy for the day.

The point is that I don’t like dissecting literature and making assumptions. I prefer to enjoy the story and learn from it what I will. That seems kinder to me. Plus, it lets me keep loving to read.

Acrylic Nail Tutorial: Coffee Stripes and Chocolate

Hey peoples! For this nail tutorial, I’ve tried to make it a little more pinterest friendly so there is a longer photo at the end with all the steps :) After I had finished painting this particular design, my brothers informed me that my fingers looked like I had committed M&M murder. After another look from this perspective, I have to agree with them haha!

~~~ Ingredients ~~~

  • Paint Brush
  • Cup of Water
  • Paper plate to mix colors on
  • Clear Coat
  • White Acrylic
  • Brown Acrylic
  • Paper towl

~~~ Instructions ~~~

1. Paint your nails with a clear coat. This sets the base for the nail design and protects your finger nails.

2. Paint your nails the brown color of choice. As many coats as you think necessary. I have a cheaper brown paint so it took about three to get the coverage I wanted. I didn’t mix it any lighter or darker, mostly because I really love the chocolate brown color I had. Very pretty :D

3. Once that was dry, I did something a little different this time: painted my clear coat on all my nails, including the accent. I did this by accident at first. I only meant to paint 4 of my fingers, but got a little carried away and before I realized, my ring finger was completely painted. You can either clear coat them all now or skip to the next step. (Sorry I didn’t get a picture. You can tell from the next one that the other fingers are clear coated.)

4. Once the clear coat is dry (or paint if you skipped that step), it’s time for your accent nail. I mixed a little of the brown with some white to make a very nice coffee color. Then I put two stripes on my accent nail.

5. Let the paint dry and then clear coat over all the nails with exposed acrylic paint. For me, that was only my ring fingers.

6. When the clear coat is dry (I used a hair dryer to speed up the process), you can then wash your hands with soap and water to remove the excess acrylic paint from your hands. I love that it cleans up so nicely!!

Have fun with it!! I’d love to see your nail designs, so feel free to pingback, comment or even post them on my facebook page. I’m looking forward to seeing them!

Anddddd as promised, here’s my pinterest friendly picture :)

[day 17] Thirty Day Photo Challenge: September 2012 Edition

Today’s photo is a Name doodle for one of my kids at church tonight. Her name is Lauren too :)

Day 17:


Story Update: 7 months added to The Journals of Amelia Price


Just click the image above to get access to all the new Amelia Price posts. She has finished up one journal and is ready to move to the next! Exciting, isn’t it? :)

[day 2] Thirty Day Photo Challenge: September 2012 Edition

It’s raining. Like pouring and snoring, kind of rain. Sooo that’s what day 2 is about: rain. Here it is!

[day 2] Thirty Day Photo Challenge: September 2012 Edition

Day 2 isn’t over yet so that means there are still 29 days to join in the challenge. You can tweet, comment, link, pingback, instagram, facebook, etc. to share your pictures. I can’t wait to see some of the creative and random pictures!

Bonus: At church this morning we played a game called Flip Your Lid where you have to flip a cup over and get it to land on a water bottle or a Pepsi. Check out the video:

It was by far my favorite game of the year. And that’s saying a lot.

[day 1] Thirty Day Photo Challenge: September 2012 Edition

A few years ago I did a “31 days of December” photo challenge on facebook. It turned into more work than fun soooo I’m trying again. The bright side of having challenge in September is that I won’t be in final exams this time. Oh and the weather is nicer for picture taking and there are more things to photograph. Maybe this time things will turn out better :)

Day 1: Trees in my backyard.

[day 1] Thirty Day Photo Challenge: September 2012 Edition

Do you want to join the photo challenge?? Together tends to be better! Comment a link to your post if you do :)

Dreaming (aka Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit)

For the Weekly Photo Challenge, we were given the phrase “Free Spirit.” What exactly that means, I have no idea. Soooo I asked my brother. His response was “Whuhhhht?!” (Yes, that is the phonetic spelling of the word “what” from too many xbox/mmorpgs game expressions. That or because it’s fun to say “what” that way.) Conclusion: We have no idea what in the world that phrase is suppose to mean.

In the spirit of the unknown phrase, I’m winging it. The interpretation I’m using is dreaming, light exposure, bright image, and motion. Ehhh, let’s throw in some double exposure while we’re at it too :D The idea was to have the image look like a dreamy state, hence dreaming.

Without further ado, the photo:

And because this was fun taking random light exposure pictures and just random pictures in general, some bonuses:

I hope you like them :D

Acrylic Nail Tutorial: Glow-in-the-Dark

Hey peoples! This is another acrylic nail art tutorial. I meant to post it yesterday, but I made a tankini instead ;) I’ve made two ways to view this tutorial. You can read the instructions and view pictures OR you can scroll to the end and watch the youtube video. Your choice. I like having options in tutorials so I thought I’d share the same courtesy.

~~~ Glow-in-the-Dark Nail Tutorial ~~~
Acrylic “Glow” paint – I used Green Glow by FolkArt
Clear nail polish
Paint brush
Water (to rinse brushes)
Cloth to wipe brushes on (I use a paper towel)
Plate, paper, board, or something else to mix colors on and put paint on


1) First add a clear coat to your nails. This gives the acrylic something to stick to and it protects your nail. I used a clear strengthener coat. Be sure to let it dry before you move on to the next step. Continue reading

Acrylic Nail Art Tutorial: Sea Foam Green


Somewhere I saw the idea of using acrylic paint on nail polish followed by a top coat to paint your nails. It was probably either pinterest or youtube. It’s probably also pinned on my Nailed board for nail art, but that’s beside the point.

The point is I tried it out last Saturday and it works!! I was so surprised!! It’s such a good idea too. Imagine the cost that can be saved. Instead of many bottles of shades of one color nail polish, all I needed were bottles of black, white, and some other color (all of which were bought for under $1… take that nail polish people!) to get every shade imaginable of that color! Oh the possibilities make me happy :) The clean up is nice too. Soap and water and all the extra color on my hands is gone. Super fast. And the paint dries quickly. And it is durable. And if I mess up mid-painting, a little water lets me start over. And it doesn’t smell as bad. And it’s pretty. And….. you get the point.

~~~ Tutorial ~~~

Acrylic paint (there is an endless range of colors, glitter paints, glow-in-the-dark paints, neons, etc.. check them out and get creative)
Clear nail polish
Paint brush
Water (to rinse brushes)
Cloth to wipe brushes on (I use a paper towel)
Plate, paper, board, or something else to mix colors on and put paint on



1) First add a clear coat to your nails. This gives the acrylic something to stick to and it protects your nail. I used a clear strengthener coat. Be sure to let it dry before you move on to the next step. Continue reading