The Hue Hue Hue Man


I told you two weeks ago that I had a Subway napkin story to tell you and this is it. If you haven’t noticed I have a category called Misc Self Entertainment. I just like to entertain myself and others. It’s an effective way to practice creativity and keep smiling. Basically, I like just to smile :) I drew the first picture and Anna added what you see in the second. Every picture represents a change of hands. First me, then Anna, then me, then Anna, then me… you get the idea. Here’s the story! Continue reading


Quotes that blew me away via Twitter

I heard these in church this morning. So many times I get caught up in the here and now. “You only live once” kinda stuff. But life is so much more than that. Continue reading

Batman via Twitter

I’ll try to take pics so you can see how we made them. The inspiration tees are pinned under Geeked, if you want to check them out :) Have you ever made a bleach tee before?

Update: The tutorial for the bleach tees I made are here. And yes, one says “Cause I’m Batman” in a deep raspy amazing voice :D

GLS… kinda wish I was there now :/

There are some great quotes coming from the Global Leadership Summit at Willow Creek. This is one of my favorites so far:


With several other things going on this week, I decided not to go to the summit. Kinda wish I had now, though. Last year’s was awesome and this year’s sounds that way. Oh wells… there’s always next year and twitter updates. Twitter is almost like being there in person. Follow #wcagls if you want to see all the great stuff being shared!!