Seriously stifled laughter occurred

I told you the other day that I had found some of my old stories. The Case of the Missing Tap Shoe is one of them. Oh my goodness. I had forgotten how funny I could be. It’s like college ruined something in my creativity and I’m just now rediscovering it. It’s been long enough that I couldn’t remember what happened in the story. SO very many of them have been like this. I’ve found plot lines that were sketched out, just waiting for enough words to be added to call them chapters or stories.

The laughter came while reading this story. There is a character called Elinor (one of my favoritest names in the world, by the way) and she is so real and familiar. And she is funny. I love her frankness and way of speaking. Is that strange to say??? I mean, I know she doesn’t really exist, but part of me wonders what kid I was babysitting at the time to inspire such a character. Then again, it may just be my strange sense of humor causing me to crack up. Who knows? It probably didn’t help that I was reading this at around 3am last night. Nearly everything in existence is hilarious to me at 3am. It’s just a fact. It’s also the reason I had to hold my mouth shut as tears streamed down my face. Yes, I was laughing that hard. However, since one brother was still on the xbox and the other was at the Hobbit, the odds of me waking anyone up were 50% lower than normal. The odds were in my favor.


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