[day 17] Thirty Day Photo Challenge: September 2012 Edition

Today’s photo is a Name doodle for one of my kids at church tonight. Her name is Lauren too :)

Day 17:



[day 5] Thirty Day Photo Challenge: September 2012 Edition

This post is slightly more gross than the previous pictures. My kitchen has an ant infestation. They’ve been particularly bad this year. Bad enough actually that I’m not freaked out by ants anymore, which is itself a little unnerving! Anyways, for today’s picture I had the idea to add food coloring to the Terro we put out for the ants. Now we have a very colorful ant infestation. My mom and I were entertained all afternoon :)

Day 5:

Cool and gross all at the same time. *sigh* I still dislike ants.

[day 3] Thirty Day Photo Challenge: September 2012 Edition

Most everyone in the US was celebrating Labor day today. Not my family. We celebrated it on Saturday. Today, life was normal. My dad had to work. I had to work. One brother was out of town. The other on the xbox. My mom was sick and that was the only not normal thing of the day. Boring would be an appropriate word for some people, but boring is never normal for me. Today held clay modeling, choreography for music and memory verses, recipe research, cooking while tasting, and watercolor painting. Pretty awesome :)

Sooo day 3 watercolors (I’ll show what I painted later):

Panda Riding a Rainbow Unicorn Pony with Sparkles

I know, but I couldn’t think of a better name for this post haha! You know some things about me from poems and other random posts, but not much. Mostly because as people we tend to get busy and have this need to tell interesting things, when in reality all others want to hear is the normal stuff. We relate to normal stuff. So this post is to share one of my normal stuffs :)

Every Sunday I volunteer in the children’s area at my church. Specifically, I work with the 3rd -5th graders. The 3rd grade girls are my main group right now. Anyways, we start off in this play area called the Cafe (long story I might tell sometime) before we head over to our lesson/worship/other stuff room called the Studio (another long story.. really needs pictures). In the Cafe, we have xbox, wii, fooseball, coloring tables and my favorite, the dance machine. (View videos of some dances here!) Under normal circumstances about a quarter of the girls would be on that machine, or behind it, dancing like crazy, but…… it broke last Wednesday. It is a great sadness that we are all learning to cope with. On the bright side, we have all been much less sweaty going into service than when we were spending 20 minutes or so dancing :D

Since the dance machine was broken, I ended up at the drawing table with some of the girls. We were drawing the normal stuff… hands, penguins, kittehs, really fat pigs, etc, when Amanda handed me paper and declared in her loud pleading voice (gotta be specific she has so many) “Will you draw me a panda riding a rainbow unicorn with sparkles, Miss Lauren? PLEASE!!!!” Both random and hilarious. This is Amanda. Sooo that’s what I drew for her. See:


Even better is what Amanda’s sister told me this evening. “She named the panda Skippy and the unicorn Roger. :D” I drew the unicorn with the idea that it was a girl…. but since he’s named Roger, the excuse he has is overgrown eyelashes. And that’s what we’re going with haha! I love Amanda and I love the fact that this is a totally normal occurrence for her. Not to mention that a request like this is completely normal for the Studio kids too. Crazy, creative, daring… the list goes on. I love them.

I hope you enjoyed and were entertained by this one of my normal stuffs. Maybe it was normal enough that you could relate to it too. I hope so. And I hope you smiled. Smiling is good :)

Urban Flowers (aka Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban)

This was a hard post to find a photo for. I don’t live in an urban area (Walmart and subdivisions are not urban to me), so I’ve pulled one of my pictures from a few years ago when I was living in Wales. My friends and I took a day trip to London on our day off. We did the ride the bus tour. We did the walk for forever tour. We did the take pictures everywhere thing too. The amazing thing about our one day in London was the weather. The temperature was a tad warm, but that’s to be expected in late July. The sky though was breathtaking. Blue, blue, and more blue with little white puffy clouds. GORGEOUS!! I couldn’t ask for a prettier (or more conducive to photography) day than the one we received.

The reason I picked the picture above for the challenge is because urban doesn’t mean concrete and metal to me. My favorite urban places are fully of color and vibrancy. All over London were walls of flowers. Walls of them!! So much green, pink, purple, white, blue and red everywhere. I suppose the people putting up these flowers were compensating for the gray rain that usually surrounds London. And if the flowers combined with the blue sky weren’t enough, we passed countless walls with bright graffiti on them, colorful banners hanging from the sky, and posters of bright adverts. All together, they made a very colorful urban area.

Here are some of my favorite London pictures: Continue reading

Quilt love <3


One of my random activities over the last year had been helping my mom design her quilts. She does all the major work and I get the fun of helping pick the colors and patterns.

This quilt is one of the more troublesome yet fun ones. The whole thing is half-square triangles AND lots of them. Over 256 (that’s when I quit counting haha) in the top alone!!! But the finished is something beautiful :) It is named “Summer Spritz” and is almost finished. Ahhhh quilt love <3