The Hue Hue Hue Man


I told you two weeks ago that I had a Subway napkin story to tell you and this is it. If you haven’t noticed I have a category called Misc Self Entertainment. I just like to entertain myself and others. It’s an effective way to practice creativity and keep smiling. Basically, I like just to smile :) I drew the first picture and Anna added what you see in the second. Every picture represents a change of hands. First me, then Anna, then me, then Anna, then me… you get the idea. Here’s the story!


(My drawing) There once was a man on a napkin. Only he wasn’t a man at all. He began his life as three little circles with a single dot in each one. This man loved to travel and that’s what he moved around so much.


(Anna’s addition) One day this man grew a face. He liked to eat hamburgers and knew that a mouth was important for that. His teeth grew that day too.


(My addition) Suddenly this man had a mustache but he couldn’t understand why. He could smell just fine and his eyesight had improved, but his brain wasn’t quite working that day.


(Anna’s addition) When the man finally got a brain, he realized that he was only a floating head. Floating heads don’t get very far in the world of napkins so he desperately wanted a a body. He was grateful to hear now, though.


(My addition) The man’s body began to take shape. His throat got deeper. His goatee took form. He grew a neck too. When he learned to talk, he got in a fight. This fight cause him to have neck scarring (which he covered with a scarf) and to lose on of his teeth. So saddening.


(Anna’s addition) These setbacks didn’t keep the man down. He let his hair fly in the wind and used his newly acquired voice to scream out “HUE HUE HUE HUE HUE!!” This earned him the name “Hue Hue Hue Man.” It was a very dramatic moment.


(My addition) The Hue Hue Hue man got some detailing and definition. He got highlights and a bandana. It created the image of attitude. He also developed a spitting habit… nasty.


(Anna’s addition) The world was beginning to take notice, so he got a banana phone to post his twitter updates and a fabulous scarf. It literally says “Fabulous!”


(My addition) Stuff happened and he updated twitter.


(Anna’s addition) Then he grew some facial hair to make him tough.


(My addition) MORE facial hair. The world was in horror at this new man and wished for the Hue Hue Hue man they once loved.


(Anna’s addition) The End. (Basically I got tired of the story.)


And these are the two pictures we drew on the Subway napkins. Very entertaining, I must say. I’m sure the people walking by us thought we were mad. So much laughter from a napkin… who knew, right?


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