It’s my birthday and I felt like announcing it. Now you know ;)

I’ll make a real post later. You know, one with words and pictures and interesting stuff. We’re suppose to see Oz today and go shop walking and eat chocolate cake and other yummmmmy foods. Birthdayish things :D

Now for a singing mustache birthday song! Enjoy!!!


A Heart Cause: African Children’s Project

The African Children’s Project (ACP) is a cause very close to my heart. I’ve mentioned it before several times. It just means so much to me and we have an event coming up! If you’re in the Charlotte, NC, area like me then come join us on May 11th! We’re having a 5K and Wild Child Fun Run to raise money for the ACP. My friend, Keri, and I are raising money for them in this time before the race. We have 82 days until the race and we need all the help we can get!! Click here to help Keri and here to help me :D

The African Children's Project


So here’s a bit about why I love this cause :)

1. I love the purpose. Giving orphans a home and a family, not to mention a sense of belonging, value and purpose. Who doesn’t love that???? Actually, I don’t want to know who doesn’t love that. I just want to know if you like that.

2. It’s not some unknown person that might be, sorta maybe doing something. I personally know the founder. She’s my friend Melanie and she went to Kenya last November to oversee getting water to the site. She is doing something. I’ve seen the financials too and the money is going where it should. This is me volunteering last fall:



Now for the reason behind the fundraising goal of $5924. I like numbers. Being an accountant, some people might go so far as to say I’m a bit obsessed. Well, it’s true. In my crazy obsession, I like my numbers to have meaning. The first 5 is for the month of May. The deadline is May 11 because that’s when the race is. The 924 is for 1 Corinthians 9:24. It says “Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.” It inspires me to think about the potential every person has, especially the orphans about to have families. The potential to be more than just one of the crowd. To be excellent, to live with purpose, to be more than they ever dreamed possible. -sigh- So much meaning!

The African Children's Project


The African Children's ProjectThe African Children’s Project is about doing just that. Injustice is to be stopped. Now for some specifics:

The Run Wild 5K and Wild Child Fun Run is a race to benefit children who have been orphaned as a direct result of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa. All proceeds will be used to support and maintain a community based, permanent home in Kenya that provides compassionate, holistic, long-term care for orphans in a family-oriented environment. In this home, children who have been marginalized not only live lives free of exploitation and abuse, but within the context of “family” are enabled to regain a sense of belonging, value, and purpose. Join us for a competitive run or a leisurely walk and positively impact a child’s life in a way you never dreamed possible.

The African Children’s Project is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible.

Click here to visit the race site :) AND click on the side button above to donate! :D Or you can just click this picture:

Donate here!

Now aren’t you ready to help?

If you want to know more about the ACP, you can visit their facebook, twitter, and website. I hope you grow to love them as much as I do!

Here are some photos from last year’s 5K :D


Melanie handing out an award.


Getting ready to run!


Annnnnnnndddd they’re off!


Together even in the finish :)


Daddies are more than welcome in the Fun Run :D


Smiles all around :) :) :) :)

I’m soooo excited to be a part this year!

Called as God’s Chosen Child

If you remember a few weeks back, I wrote a poem for my friend Katie at My Eternal Voyage. We talk a lot and in one of those talkings we discovered something very exciting. Well, exciting for us and I hope you too. She loves to play music and sing. I’ve tried and it doesn’t work, but I love to write. She’s always wanted to put someone else’s words to music and I’ve always wanted someone to put music to my words. This is where I exclaim loudly how amazing God is. God is AWESOME!! Our friendship is a very interesting story anyways, but this has just been an added layer of coolness :D (She actually just posted about this if you want to read about it here. Great minds… what can you say?)

Most of the poems on here were written in high school. A small handful were written after, but not many. I thought for a long while that that phase of my life was over. Then I posted a poem (The Water Test) from back then and Katie asked if she could put music to it. I got really, really excited and promised to write her a song. That’s where Chosen Child came from. Because of her, I’ve been writing more again. It’s kinda like I’ve remembered why I loved to write in the first place. It’s an adventure to find the right words, right beat, and flow to the feeling(s) I wanted to share. I like that adventure, even if the story isn’t always mine.

Now Chosen Child has music, not lame music, but happy upbeat ukulele music!!! Andddd it’s posted for you to hear too :D

Hooray for our first collaboration in music and writing! HUZZAH! -fist pump knuckle touch-

Where World Change Begins | RELEVANT Magazine

This article is fantastic. It’s about how we all want to change the world, but most of the time we go wide and shallow rather than diving deep and supporting a few things well. I want to support well and know what I support and be able to share it. I think that is the real way to make a difference.

Where World Change Begins | RELEVANT Magazine.

Some quotes I liked a lot:

“I want to accentuate the idea that you can’t do everything on your own. This whole Lone Ranger perspective is dangerous. I think the person [who] tries to do everything will do nothing well. We’re not able to go deep.”

“One of the best pieces of advice I can give to people is, “You can’t do everything.” And I think one of the reasons we might be a little bit shallow in our generation is because we’re trying to invest ourselves in too many things. So, I would caution folks: Be informed and educated about many things, but go deep in a few things.”

“I would love our generation to take more time to listen, to pray, to allow it to break us … We should be about the marathon and not about the instant justice gratification.”

“The other thing that I would say to encourage other folks who are wanting to impact change is this: You cannot ask people to do something you’re not willing to do. That kind of leadership does not resonate with people.”

Basically, just go read it, before I quote the whole thing on here ;)

Shock face :O

Woah. It’s been a while since I last posted. Stuff’s happened. You know how it goes. Anyways, major shock face to come back and see that my views had jumped wayyyyyy up while I wasn’t posting. I’m not sure what happened, but apparently someone (lots of someones) really liked my post on embroidery in WWII called Beauty from Horror. I had completely forgotten writing it. :O

Some of the stuffs that have happened: First major thing is that I got a job!!! (skip if you don’t want to read about my accounting nerd stuff ;)) I’ll be an Expatriate Tax associate at BDO. Basically, my job will involve calculating and minimizing the amount of tax individuals living/working abroad need to pay the US and foreign governments. Filing out FBAR and Form 8938. *sigh* I’m so excited!!! Work starts on January 28, 2013, so I’ve still got some time to wait. Most people say “What?!?! Why do you have to wait so long??” I always respond “LONG?? That’s early! Most people have to wait a year before starting with a public accounting firm after getting hired.” I don’t know why it is that way, but that’s the way things work. Probably because I was a campus hire. I think experience hires get to work much sooner. I digress.

I’ve also been doing some volunteer work for the African Children’s Project. I don’t know a ton about Nonprofit accounting, but I do know how to organize the books. It’s been so much fun! My friend Melanie founded the organization a few years ago and is in Kenya right now drilling the first well for the site. Once the well is drilled, the village can be built and the HIV/AIDS orphans will have a home. Then they can go to school and break the cycle of poverty. Here’s the official description: “We build community-based, family-style homes in Kenya from which we provide compassionate, holistic, long-term care for children who have been orphaned as a result of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.” :) We’re praying for water to be hit soon!

Other news, I found a really old computer (like Windows XP with Word 98) and got all my poetry off of it. It’ll be posted soon. I’ve learned to play xbox with my brother. Netflix viewing has increased. I went to Norfolk and made more bleach tees. I’ve taken more nail pics, but have been slack on posting. And…….

Oh yeah! Books. I’ve been reading a lot :D I read the Hunger Games trilogy in three days time. Not much sleep haha. I also read Game of Thrones. A friend recommended it. Not so great. I mean, there was a really awesome story hidden underneath. The language and sensual content was WAY more than I could stand. I had every intention of reading the set, but by the end I was so sick of it that the books went back to the library. The book Wicked was the same way. People were raving over it and I was so disgusted that I put the book down about halfway through. Ugh. Now I’m on to Harry Potter. It’s just so fantastic and I’ve never read them straight through before.

And I think that’s it. There is this game called Quelf that’s pretty awesome, but I’ll let you look that one up on your own.

Instagraming :D

I’ve always been a little frustrated with the fact that instagram didn’t have a way to share photos with people who didn’t have instagram, besides twitter or facebook, that is. BUT now I’ve found one. It’s called Statigram and it holds all of your instagram photos, plus updates them daily. Pretty cool? Ummm yes!!

*sigh* Now I need a new button to link you to them. For now, here’s the link :)

In other news, recruiting is going good. I have office visits with both BDO and KPMG. Hopefully by mid-November, I’ll have accepted an offer. AND hopefully by January, I’ll be starting my job in Expatriate Tax :D. Yes, I know I’m a total nerd. No, you don’t have to tell me.

In still more news, I’ve finished 3 new nail tutorials with another being made tomorrow. Sadly, I’ve not posted them yet so they seem unaccomplished. There is a floral one, a Micky Mouse one, and an under the sea one.

In more interesting news, we have kittens!!! YES PLURAL!!!!! Two little baby kittehs made their appearance last week. Mommy kitteh has been keeping them under the empty house up the road and decided to move them to us last week. It’s very exciting :D. There is a black one and a gray one. Black is a girl and gray is a boy. Alex has decided that they should be named Henry and Fernando. Yes, it’s like a scene from UP. “Henry’s a girl?!?!” Basically, he named them and won’t budge even though the rest of us prefer a less manly name for a girl kitteh. Whatever.

Goal recap 9/19/2012

These again….


  • Keep on time with Photo Challenge posts
  • Post my Business Nail Tutorial (It’s just sitting there with pictures and no words)
  • Finish the Lost Circle Books by Ted Dekker… I’m on Chaos with two left to go
  • Start Hunger Games?? (possibly)
  • Write my thank you emails… never been good at that *frowns*
  • Make at least one new nail tutorial
  • Finish my tankini… right now it’s a bikini and I am so NOT comfortable with it staying that way haha
  • Hang my diplomo
  • Finish Alex’s minecraft house.

And that’s all I got done off the list. I did post all the challenge ones I needed too, but not every day. I had to post twice one day. And I’m almost through with Chaos. Rambling now… I just wanted to finish, even if the list didn’t haha.

Childhood Story… changes?

I updated the view of Childhood Story. The background image, the theme, overall appearance and some of the functionality. In addition to wanting opinions, I really wanted to try the poll feature soooooo just click your opinion about the new appearance. Check out the new theme here!!

Sooooo whatcha think??


Jesus: Calmer of Anxiety

Here’s the email I got:

Hi Studio friends! If you are receiving this email from us it’s because we have you scheduled to serve this weekend in the Studio. JR will be speaking on one of my very favorite names of God. Dying to know which one?  It’s found in Mark 4:35-40. To be entered into our exciting drawing for something GREAT, figure out his name using the passage and share with us a time He has proven Himself to be worthy of that name in your life. You have until noon on Saturday to deliver on the challenge. Go, friends, GO!
Your week is about to get better with the illumination of Mark 4:35-40!

Here’s the response I gave:

So I want to participate in the sharing, but I don’t want to win anything. Sharing is fun enough for me :) What is Jesus’s name here? Really, you want just one?? I see Peace in the Storm, Calmer of Anxiety, Rest in Chaos, Defeater of Fear, Defender of Faith… it keeps going. I love how God can use just five verses to share so much of his nature and truth with us. My name pick for the story is “Calmer of Anxiety.” The most anxious time in my life was a weekend this past July. I had a CPA exam that put me sick to my stomach with dizziness, cold sweats and all that horrid stuff. So many people were praying. The day of the exam the anxiety was intensely worse, but Jesus is the Calmer of Anxiety. Not five minutes into my 3hr test, Jesus had me in tears with his goodness and peace. Never have I felt a calm as intense as that one. Safe to say the exam turned out fine! Jesus: Calmer of Anxiety.Lauren

What do you see in that passage?? What are the other names of Jesus that I missed? What’s your story? Feel free to comment or link me to your response. Facebook responses count too!! :) I love hearing other perspectives. I think that’s why I love this new challenge given by my friend, Melanie. Every week she sends us a copy of the verses in the lesson and we get to guess about the name and share our story. LOVE IT!
To view those verses, click here.

Venting and Progress Update/Nose-dive

Do you remember these from the other day?


  • Keep on time with Photo Challenge posts
  • Post my Business Nail Tutorial (It’s just sitting there with pictures and no words)
  • Finish the Lost Circle Books by Ted Dekker… I’m on Chaos with two left to go
  • Start Hunger Games?? (possibly)
  • Write my thank you emails… never been good at that *frowns*
  • Make at least one new nail tutorial
  • Finish my tankini… right now it’s a bikini and I am so NOT comfortable with it staying that way haha
  • Hang my diplomo
  • Finish Alex’s minecraft house.

Sooo those marked ones are done, but the others… not so much. It’s funny how I seem to start a week and then never do the things I intended. The “keep on time” one is a total fail after posting twice today to get it that way. Eh, it is what it is. Here are the things that replaced that list:

  • Research and report on accounting systems for my friend’s nonprofit
  • Research online donation solutions for her nonprofit
  • Successfully attend recruiting (hopefully landing myself an offer by November)
  • Redesign my brother’s resume

Lots of useful and productive stuff. Working on research for my friend’s nonprofit is why I didn’t post yesterday. Fund accounting and customer service interviews put me in a happy place that had my nerd heart soaring!! I know, get a life. I’m working on it :)

Redesigning my brother’s resume is my venting need for the day. I HATE MICROSOFT. I hate Windows. I hate Excel. I hadn’t realized how Mac dependent I had become until today. I love my Mac. I tell people about it. The only thing left to do is name him. I name EVERYTHING, but for some reason my MacBook Pro has been nameless for a year. Maybe that will be my experiment with the polls feature on here :)

So this was less venting and more updating. That’s good. It means I’ve calmed down significantly since this afternoon. I was yelling at Excel… not pretty. Things are better now. Maybe even good enough to get a nail tutorial written tomorrow. The trouble with those is that the acrylic lasts so darn long that I have to use remover to make a new one ;)