Batman… Call me maybe

Best parody I’ve ever seen. Probably because I love Batman. Always have, always will.


Graphic Tee DIY (with bleach and a fabric pen)

I got the idea for bleach tees off pinterest. But first a warning about the post:

Warning! This post contains a ridiculous amount of pictures. Some of these images may contain mustaches, llamas and Darth Vader.

Well, that’s the warning :) I promised a bleach tee tutorial and this is it!

Materials (at least the ones I used):

  • shirt of some kind
  • design, preferably a clever and entertaining one ;)
  • bleach or bleach pen
  • fabric pen
  • freezer paper
  • x-acto knives
  • iron
  • sink with cold water
  • pen or pencil
  • cutting board
  • cardboard


1) Find or create a design. These are my designs. I created all of them except the Alice in Wonderland one :)

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What went wrong :[ (aka Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong)

This is my late addition to the Weekly Photo Challenge. It’s late because things got busy on Monday and continued into yesterday which led to me not getting home until today. BUT that also means I have a lot to post :D

Brief Update (skip if you don’t care) – Monday was hair chalking with one of my middle school girls from church. We also made a lovely picture on a napkin from Subway that will be shown in a later post. Tuesday (yesterday) was graphic tee day. My friend Dina and I bleached and fabric painted some graphic tees. I seriously underestimated the time it takes to trace, cut and iron freezer paper onto shirts. IT TAKES FOREVER!!!!! But it was completely worth it :) We started the process at 2, which included talking, shopping, tracing, cutting, ironing, painting, bleaching, peeling, washing, freaking, laughing, and ahhhing. Yes, ahhhing is a verb. You’ll see the whole process in a DIY tutorial later. After the tees, we went to Fox & Hound for karaoke night. There was loud singing, some of which wasn’t that bad, and an unusual amount of drunk people. It’s usually pretty calm, but last night had some pretty enthusiastic dancing drinkers. I was thoroughly entertained haha!

Now for what went wrong with in the picture: bleach. It is like liquid power. Everything is fine until it goes to one’s head. Or in this case, smears on one’s shirt. Continue reading

Batman via Twitter

I’ll try to take pics so you can see how we made them. The inspiration tees are pinned under Geeked, if you want to check them out :) Have you ever made a bleach tee before?

Update: The tutorial for the bleach tees I made are here. And yes, one says “Cause I’m Batman” in a deep raspy amazing voice :D

Dark Knight Rises



I have been waiting on this one since the other left off and there was no disappointment at all. It was fantastically amazing. Just when I had it figured out, the plot changed. Just when I thought it might be getting slow, the action jumped in and threw me. And just when I thought it was over, the possibilities exploded!!! Good grief it was good :) Sometimes we must be who is needed not who we want to be. Sometimes the good guy must take the fall, not to earn the glory or because someone forced him, but because the world needs grace. If the bad ones always got what they deserved, there would be no good left. At one time or another, the good ones got a second chance too. -sigh- I always leave Batman wanting to do something selfless and change the world. Maybe we should all hold on to that feeling.