In da hood (aka Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood)

Okay sooooo I don’t live in a hood or the hood or even a neighborhood at all. I live in a house, by the highway, near the woods, beside my grandma. Anyways, these are my phone shots for the weekly challenge. Kittehs and moss count as “neighborhood” right? I hope so.

Let’s step out the back door:


Ooooooo and squat down to get a good shot:


That was cool. Maybe a little less brick this time?? Hmmm. Not as good as the one before.


Now I’m totally distracted by the sunset.


Yep. Sitting here in the sun is nice :D


Now for a glimpse of what I see. Oh and my rockin awesome shoes. Yay purple!!


Distracted again….


It’s my kitteh!!! She’s fat full of babies! Soon there will be lots of little kitties hopping around everywhere. It will be fantastic!


More of what I see. Leaves. A whole lot of leaves. But such is winter.


And this is the kitteh begging for food. She’s extra pitiful, isn’t she? -Meow meow meow- That is kitty for “yes”.


Ta-da!! This is a day outside with my phone. Not really my neighborhood, but then I don’t really live in one. I don’t have a local coffee shop or a daily run. I have a highway and you can follow me on instagram if you really want to see shots of that haha. Seriously though, I post like one sunrise shot a week from that highway. Gorgeous!


Appreciate the small things (aka Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details)

A few years ago I was living on a different continent, away from home, and a few timezones from my family. I missed seeing them, but was never homesick. I think part of it had to do with all the little things that reminded me of home. Like my photo for this week’s photo challenge:Appreciate the small thingsThis is of a purple hydrangea. I hadn’t seen any outside of my home before. Usually they grow either blue or pink, but it takes a special mix of acidic and base dirt to make one purple. Too much of either and you get the pink extreme or the blue extreme. This little detail is one of many that kept me from being homesick while so far away. I hope you like it (:

Onto Tax Season! (aka Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward)

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This photo entry in the Weekly Photo Challenge is of my current future: Tax Season. Or specifically my building. Today was raining and cold, but such is the season (: This photo represents future because this is the beginning of my new job. Soooooo many doors are opening up because of it. I’m learning loads about expatriates and individual taxes and just yesterday I realized that I’ll be able to help the ACP with their taxes next year. They are hiring a family to move to Kenya to be the liaison between Embu and the US. SUPER EXCITING!!!!

p.s. Don’t forget to help give hope! Click the hope picture below to find out more :D

Slavery Still Exists: Let’s End It (aka Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved)

New Year’s resolutions, I’ve never made one. But this year is different. I went to a conference in Atlanta called Passion 2013. It was amazing!!! While there, I learned about slavery and that slavery still exists in the United States. I knew about some of the other places in the world, but I had never really thought about it before, never let it sink in deep. This week that changed and I made my resolution. For 4 months I will be involved in spreading awareness about slavery and supporting the End It Movement.

My photo for the weekly challenge is of my friend, Kelsi, and me shining a light on slavery:

We were also in this video by CNN, shining our lights and shooting a beam into the Atlanta night sky :D

Slavery Still Exists. That just gets all over me, not the numbers, but the pain that men and women, boys and girls can’t escape. Why?? Because no one has stepped in to end it. Let’s do that! Let’s join together and end slavery in the world!

You can sign the pledge to end slavery here.

“Slavery is Wrong. You know it. We know it. As a country, we’ve officially known it since 1863. But here’s something you might not know — Slavery still exists. We want every man, woman and child to know that there are 27 million men, women and children, just like them, living in the shadows. In brothels. In factories. In Quarries. Working as slaves. In 161 countries. Including our own. We are here to shine a light on slavery. No more bondage. No more sex trafficking. No more child laborers. No more, starting now.”

So here is your challenge: Join me and together we can change the world. I’m not asking you to give any money. All I ask is that you tell someone what you’ve learned. Awareness is action. The more people who know, the more the injustice is brought to light, the more likely it is of being stopped. The End It Movement. One way to share is by using #enditmovement on twitter and instagram pictures saying that you are in it to end it. Let’s do this!

A Dr. Who Christmas (aka Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise)

Yesterday, my friend Katie, my brother and I all exchanged Christmas presents. There were lots of surprises on all sides which is why I thought it would be perfect for today’s photo challenge.

This first photo is of Katie’s present from my brother and me:

I won’t tell you what was in her present quite yet. It will be your Christmas tutorial surprise! I’ll post it later. Her gift bag, wrapping paper, and two of the gifts were made by me :) You’ll just have to wait and see!

This photo is her amazing present to me:

YES!!! That is an exclusive David Tennant bookmark from ElloKaitlin Creations, a sonic screwdriver that writes invisible messages and tickles, AND British chocolate. Oh the amazing surpriseness!! I had no idea what she was making and was completely surprised :D

The rest of our day was spent playing/dying in Spelunky, watching a 2/3 Lord of the Rings Marathon (we didn’t get to see Return of the King because of a funeral), and exploring the woods in the rain. It was a great day full of Christmas surprises and weather surprises. A good day indeed.

Here are some rain shots:

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Nature. Wet nature but still nature.

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@ellokaitlin trying to fall off a tree.

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UPDATE 12/25/2012:

These are the links to the Christmas Surprise Tutorials :)

  1. Mustache Wrapping Paper
  2. Ombre Bleach Tee
  3. Mustache Mug
  4. Merry Christmas Gift Bag

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Oh yum, icing! (aka Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate)

For today’s challenge post, I captured some tasty gingerbread creations. You might not thing that icing gingerbread cookies is delicate and you are entitled to that opinion, no matter how wrong you may be. The stuff slides, drips, twists, runs, cracks, crunches, and makes a terrible mess if you aren’t super careful. Needless to say, I messed up a few times :)

Here are those tasty cookies:

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It's my brother :) #gingerbread #house

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My daddy's house :D #gingerbread #house

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As tasty as they look, the smell is even more fantastic. You should make some. Ahhhhhhhhh!

Wonderland of the Snowy Variety (aka Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons)

I live in North Carolina. Occasionally it snows. Mostly it doesn’t. It’s one of the trials in life I’ve come to accept. I love snow. It’s so fluffy and pure. I realize it is also life threatening, but some of the best things in life are. Like flying or eating too much chocolate. Some times life threatening things are good.

Anyways, every time it does finally snow, I go out and take loads of pictures. And I mean LOADS!! This is one of my favorites:

Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

It’s also my entry in this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge. I hope you enjoy it!

Mine Brothers (aka Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine)

The Weekly Photo Challenge is on Mine this week. Mine meaning something that is mine or belongs to me. Wellllllllll, technically my brothers DON’T belong to me. However, “mine” is like a term of endearment (or endurement, whichever) that we use for each other. Like for my brothers, I would say that is MINE Adam or MINE Alexander. They are MINE brothers. At one point in time the phrase was actually “my ….,” but somewhere along the way things changed. Now, it is nearly always “mine.” So the photo above and the photos to follow are of mine brothers. I love them :)

I don’t know if you noticed or not, but every one of these pictures was taken in the wind. Random fact that made all of us feel epic while taking them.

[day 30] Thirty Day Photo Challenge: September 2012 Edition

The last post. [insert moment of silence]

You know, this was fun, but I’m glad it’s done. This last week has been the most tiring I’ve had in a while, which made posting difficult. I will definitely keep writing (a nail tutorial is coming!!). I have learned a valuable thing about myself: I like variety. I’m a quick paced, ever changing, social introvert. Oxymoron? You got it. (Here’s my personality result from a test I took the other day…. INFJ. It’s pretty accurate and kinda creepy.) The point is that long challenges aren’t good for me. I’m MUCH better with short things that can be accomplished.

Today’s post is two things really. The first is my autumn nail design. The second is what Alex calls my hipster look. Two very random me things that I felt like sharing. *smiles* OHHH and at the end are my top three favorite days of the Thirty Day Photo Challenge: September 2012 Edition. *happy face*



Top 3 Favorite Posts

  1. Day 18 – the laughter still hurts
  2. Day 16 – laughing and fun to make
  3. Day 19 – I love my girls

AND bonus post (because I love rain!)

Day 2 – sooooo pretty

[day 26] Thirty Day Photo Challenge: September 2012 Edition

Today was filled with more interviews, but I also have a call back for another round of interviews :D This time I will have the dinner, office visit, feel special stuff. *sigh* This is turning out to be a better season than I originally anticipated.

Anyways, today’s photo is of me stuck in traffic. It is a regular occurrence for where I live. Driving into the city, driving out of the city, driving to church, driving from church…. I think Walmart is the only place that traffic is never an issue, but then I do live about 10 minutes from 3 different ones.

Day 26: