“A children’s s…


“A children’s story which is enjoyed only by children is a bad children’s story.”

– C.S. Lewis


Seriously stifled laughter occurred

I told you the other day that I had found some of my old stories. The Case of the Missing Tap Shoe is one of them. Oh my goodness. I had forgotten how funny I could be. It’s like college ruined something in my creativity and I’m just now rediscovering it. It’s been long enough that I couldn’t remember what happened in the story. SO very many of them have been like this. I’ve found plot lines that were sketched out, just waiting for enough words to be added to call them chapters or stories.

The laughter came while reading this story. There is a character called Elinor (one of my favoritest names in the world, by the way) and she is so real and familiar. And she is funny. I love her frankness and way of speaking. Is that strange to say??? I mean, I know she doesn’t really exist, but part of me wonders what kid I was babysitting at the time to inspire such a character. Then again, it may just be my strange sense of humor causing me to crack up. Who knows? It probably didn’t help that I was reading this at around 3am last night. Nearly everything in existence is hilarious to me at 3am. It’s just a fact. It’s also the reason I had to hold my mouth shut as tears streamed down my face. Yes, I was laughing that hard. However, since one brother was still on the xbox and the other was at the Hobbit, the odds of me waking anyone up were 50% lower than normal. The odds were in my favor.

I hated Literature class.

True statement pal. I hated literature in both high school and college. Why??????

Wellll, it’s a bit of a story. I love to read. I’m currently in Year 4 of the Harry Potter series. I’ve read nearly all of Louisa May Alcott (more than once), all of Jane Austen, almost all of the “A” section of my local library (youth classics from ages long gone), all of L. Frank Baum, several Newbery Award books, Hunger Games trilogy, most of Ted Dekker, half of the Anne of Green Gables series, and the list continues. I loved most of my stories/books assigned to read in my high school literature classes. I love reading classic literature. I love children’s books. I love journals.

Books <3

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It may be a bit confusing, though, that I love to read, yet hate literature. Oxymoronish, if you will. Yet, truth has been declared. What I hated about literature was the dissection of books/stories/poems. I always felt very assuming, intrusive, and arrogant when doing this. Who am I to assume what the author was thinking?? Who am I to say that there was a hidden agenda underneath the story’s plot? That the characters represented major philosophical perspectives? It always bothered me that literature books and professors wanted me to think this. I didn’t want to be a paranoid reader. I don’t want to be a conspiracy theorist.

Then I started thinking about how I would feel if someone made literary assumptions about me. I wouldn’t like it. Part of me, would really enjoy mocking the assumptions made of me. For instance, I chose to make a despicable character and someone decided that this represented the underlying disdain I have for whatever type of person or political system. In reality, I don’t actually think this far ahead. When I make a despicable character, it’s usually for good opposition. Nice people don’t usually make good opposition. But the mocking would get old, and then I would just be annoyed. Annoyed is not fun.

Like this situation:

When stuff doesn’t come out of a can that is clearly MADE to come out of a can, one gets annoyed. Canned goods should come out of cans. Makes sense to me. That is my annoyed analogy for the day.

The point is that I don’t like dissecting literature and making assumptions. I prefer to enjoy the story and learn from it what I will. That seems kinder to me. Plus, it lets me keep loving to read.

[day 14] Thirty Day Photo Challenge: September 2012 Edition

Today’s post is completely on time!!! This is particularly amazing since I didn’t get to sleep until some time after 3am last night and was awakened by a lovely phone call from an accounting system sales person. I’m serious. It really was a lovely call. He answered all my questions. Sent me an email TWICE over the span of the convo because I wanted more information. I’m just impressed. I have had soo much help from competing customer service. I love it!! I’m use to dealing with companies with HORRIBLE customer service… Charter, Verizon, and Original Mattress Company. So all of these accounting companies are like a breath of fresh air… refreshing.

All of that has nothing to do with my pictures for today. Well, maybe. I was up until after 3am because of my pictures so I guess it does sort of relate. I’m in the Lost Circle Books by Ted Dekker. Here’s my picture!

Day 14:



Thoughts on the art of paper… sort of.

Sooooo since I finally finished up the CPA exam today (confidently assuming I passed haha) and grad school back in June, AND since recruiting doesn’t begin until September, a lot of free time lays before me. More than I’ve had in over a year. I’ve been looking forward to it for a while (since February really) and it kind of feels like a vacation. You know how you save up as much money as possible to go blow it on a specific and slightly random purpose while on vacation? (I did this in Cardiff once… bought a scarf and a cardigan. Not really a big spender.) Well, I feel like I’ve saved up three weeks worth of time to go spend on whatever the heck I feel like. I want to paint. I want to finish the Ted Dekker series I’m in the middle of. (Side note rabbit trail thingy: Have you read him??? He is amazing!! If his plot twists weren’t enough, the way nearly EVERY SINGLE book ties to all the others is incredible. Mind. Blown.) I want to read the Harry Potter series from start to finish in a single week. I want to make random tutorials/movies. I want to hang-out with my friends. I want to make more paper art. Let the time splurging begin!! (Does any one else save up time like this? Seems to be an odd way to think about it…) Continue reading