The Water Test

In my boat so safe and secure
Nothing could happen of that I am sure
Miracles rock me and adventures do shake
But I’ll stay in my boat as long as it takes.

Bored in my ship as I gaze at the sea
I wonder, “What’s missing?  What’s wrong with me?”
I’m drawn to the waves that crash on my boat
But water is wet and I know I can’t float.

Someone is walking on top of the foam
He calls me to leave the comforts of home
To leave my boat, so warm and inviting
And walk on the waves with Him through the lightning.

It’s crazy I know to walk on the sea
Common sense lets me know it can’t happen to me
But my feet got wet as I stepped off that ship
And that Man held my hand so I couldn’t slip.

I saw the face of the One with my hand
His eyes held the power that graced me to stand
His words gave me life as He started to speak
“Keep your eyes on Me and you will never sink.”

I look into His eyes as I looked into them then
So full of wonder that He asked me to stand
To walk on the water outside of my boat
To stand where I know I can’t possibly float!

Your boat is in that very same sea
So come on, get out, start walking with me
Or don’t you believe in the power of God,
To keep you floating where He leads you to trod.


Shock face :O

Woah. It’s been a while since I last posted. Stuff’s happened. You know how it goes. Anyways, major shock face to come back and see that my views had jumped wayyyyyy up while I wasn’t posting. I’m not sure what happened, but apparently someone (lots of someones) really liked my post on embroidery in WWII called Beauty from Horror. I had completely forgotten writing it. :O

Some of the stuffs that have happened: First major thing is that I got a job!!! (skip if you don’t want to read about my accounting nerd stuff ;)) I’ll be an Expatriate Tax associate at BDO. Basically, my job will involve calculating and minimizing the amount of tax individuals living/working abroad need to pay the US and foreign governments. Filing out FBAR and Form 8938. *sigh* I’m so excited!!! Work starts on January 28, 2013, so I’ve still got some time to wait. Most people say “What?!?! Why do you have to wait so long??” I always respond “LONG?? That’s early! Most people have to wait a year before starting with a public accounting firm after getting hired.” I don’t know why it is that way, but that’s the way things work. Probably because I was a campus hire. I think experience hires get to work much sooner. I digress.

I’ve also been doing some volunteer work for the African Children’s Project. I don’t know a ton about Nonprofit accounting, but I do know how to organize the books. It’s been so much fun! My friend Melanie founded the organization a few years ago and is in Kenya right now drilling the first well for the site. Once the well is drilled, the village can be built and the HIV/AIDS orphans will have a home. Then they can go to school and break the cycle of poverty. Here’s the official description: “We build community-based, family-style homes in Kenya from which we provide compassionate, holistic, long-term care for children who have been orphaned as a result of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.” :) We’re praying for water to be hit soon!

Other news, I found a really old computer (like Windows XP with Word 98) and got all my poetry off of it. It’ll be posted soon. I’ve learned to play xbox with my brother. Netflix viewing has increased. I went to Norfolk and made more bleach tees. I’ve taken more nail pics, but have been slack on posting. And…….

Oh yeah! Books. I’ve been reading a lot :D I read the Hunger Games trilogy in three days time. Not much sleep haha. I also read Game of Thrones. A friend recommended it. Not so great. I mean, there was a really awesome story hidden underneath. The language and sensual content was WAY more than I could stand. I had every intention of reading the set, but by the end I was so sick of it that the books went back to the library. The book Wicked was the same way. People were raving over it and I was so disgusted that I put the book down about halfway through. Ugh. Now I’m on to Harry Potter. It’s just so fantastic and I’ve never read them straight through before.

And I think that’s it. There is this game called Quelf that’s pretty awesome, but I’ll let you look that one up on your own.