Hair chalking! Experiment success :D

Last night I found hair chalking on pinterest. It is a temporary hair dye/pigment using soft pastels. I tried it out this morning on my dirty hair with no luck. Absolutely none. I do have extra thick oily hair though so that may have been the problem.

This evening I tried again. This time was success!! The differences: I was more awake. I rubbed in a single direction. I finished with quick hair dry on hot to set the colors. The color combos were fun and I will definitely do this again!! Sounds like success to me :D

Here’s the how to: Continue reading


Q&A via Twitter

What do you think?

Mirror, Mirror

“Mirror, mirror on the wall”
Now what’s up with that?
“Who’s the fairest of them all?”
That tells me where you’re at.

If you’re stuck in front of your mirror
You know it can’t be healthy
There is a way to see life a lot clearer
And it will not be so deadly
Mirrorism is a term
It has no definition
It will make you twitch and squirm
And alter your position Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple (aka iPod Nails)

iPod Nails  by laurenichole89
iPod Nails , a photo by laurenichole89 on Flickr.

Yes, this is another nail post :) BUT that’s okay because nail design is a perfectly good way to express yourself.

This one was unintentionally intentional. I know that makes zero sense right now, but hear me out. I intentionally painted my ring fingers purple and the rest white. Why? Because it looked cool. I unintentionally caused my family to question my sanity by doing this, though. Rather than explain that I had no good reason other than liking my fingers to be different, I painted little flowers on the white fingers (again in purple) and etched a white stick design into my ring fingers. Eh, it works…. sort of. Two days later I changed them to the beautiful blue ones I showed you here :)

My other reason for posting again today was to join the weekly challenge. I think it will be fun to have my creativity sparked by the random pictures they ask to be posted. For obvious reasons, this is my purple post. (It was almost the flowers on the front porch, but nail art seemed more creative.)

Little purse of coins

If you’ve read any of my earlier posts (as in from last year before grad school consumed me), then you know that I do embroidery. Self-taught, just for fun kind of stuff. Seeeeee:


These pics are of my first project. When I lived in Wales, I realized the importance of having such a thing so when I moved back to the states that was the first thing I wanted to make… a new purse. Go figure. Anyways, Continue reading


You have a glow
That needs to grow
You have a light
Now make it bright
Make it big for the world to see
Let it shine through you, straight to me
To her, to him
Let it shine to them
To every nation and people
From a hut to a steeple
To the youngest of children, the oldest of old
You have a light and a hope that none should withhold
Now I ask for you to give
Your light to the world, that they may live
It is your choice, your own, not mine
But whatever you do will affect all time.

Reality Check

Reality is hard to comprehend
It seems every road is the same dead-end
All caught up in my own little dream
Nothing is wrong or so it would seem
Reality check, it is time to find
Some way out of my stationary mind.

Reality is so full of lies
Plenty of rejection and despise. Continue reading

This post… oh she says it so well: Jen Hatmaker – In the Basement

This blog post puts in words a whole lot of the frustration I have been feeling. I live in North Carolina and anyone who has paid attention to the news in the last 6 months knows that May and the couple of months leading up to it were HORRIBLE. If the people living here weren’t enough, we had to deal with people from every other U.S. state telling us what to do, what to think and most importantly (to those people) how to vote. I don’t tell people in Michigan how to vote, or Texas, or New York, or Iowa, or California, or any other state. I DON’T LIVE THERE. So why should I tell them what to do?? That is in no way loving or kind. It is in fact rude, overbearing, domineering, obnoxious and, in the words of a well spoken child, being a meany pants. So why would I want anyone doing the same to me only because I live in a particular state? I don’t. Continue reading


I feel so down and out
I want to scream! I want to shout!
I feel so way down low
But I’ll try to hide so you’ll never know

You don’t know what I’m feeling
Because I keep it all locked up
And you’ll never know
Unless I show.

I feel so way up high
So good I’ll touch the sky
When I’m feeling good
You’ll know like you should.

You don’t know what I’m feeling
Because I keep it all locked up
And you’ll never know
Unless I show. Continue reading