Ironic wood jokes and other such hilarity

So I know that it has been a while since I last posted… okay forever. In my defense, I have a million bazillion excuses that no one cares about like school, homework, anti-social behavior, school and more homework. Like I said, no one cares!!! But hey, now you know.

In an effort to actually post something, I’ve decided to share some play on word jokes that have happened amongst my social interactions in the last 10 hours. I found them quite hilarious, but then I am a total nerd and find nerdy things hilarious.

This one is between my brother and me:

“This is complete and total mahogany bro!” –  the boy
“What is this, a wood joke?” – me
“Why? Wood you like to hear another one?” – the boy
“Oh, leaf me alone!” – me
“Maple I will, maple I won’t.” – the boy
“Oh those wood oaks, so punny!” – me
“Fir sure!” – the boy
Just thought we’d spruce (Heh…Heh….See what I did there?) up your day with a little of our witty banter, I felt you would enjoy it thoroughly, and perhaps chortle heartily a few times at it. :).

This one was with my friend Katie, who is particularly fond of spitting mammals:

“Alpaca your lunch.”
“Llama help you with that.”

Well, this is my effort. I hope you enjoyed and caught the punny jokes :D