“Kind words can…


“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echos are truly endless.”

– Mother Teresa


Swag… do what???

So it occurred to me the other day that I have no idea what the popular definition for the word swag has become, nor do I care to know. But it led me to thinking about why that word sounds so familiar. Then it hit me. Ahhhhhhh! Window treatments. Years ago, and by that I mean like 3 years ago, that popular word had no existence outside of the interior decorating world. Swag is in fact the word used for drapery. This led me to another thought and thus this picture:

Window Swag

So when did it change? Do you remember? Or did you ever even know the actual definition?


Analyze my work! This is a dare!
Go ahead! Scavenge and tear!
Taste and devour! It is your own choice.
You can destroy my work, but not silence my voice!
I can say what I want, but that’s not my goal.
It is instead to express heart and soul,
To say my emotions in words if I can,
To state my morals, and explain where I stand.
It matters not if you disagree
Opinions were, are, and always will be
Open to discussion; firm, yet not fact;
Able to persuade when stated with tact,
And they cause fights and bond us together.
I’ll stop here, but I could go on forever!
The point is, what I’m trying to say
For once would you please, just keep away!
Let my work speak for itself
It can, you know, without all your help.
Don’t give depth where none was before
And skip over meaning you wish to ignore.
My message in this is really quite plain
Adding to my words would drive us both insane.


Get a grip
Over your lip
You don’t know what you’re saying
You don’t know with what you’re playing

Words can lie and words can cheat
Words can sweep you off your feet
Words can hurt and words can kill
Words can flirt and speak your will
Seems all the words you ever use
Are words that hurt and those do bruise

Get a grip
Over your lip
You don’t know what you’re saying
You don’t know with what you’re playing Continue reading