“It’s not havin…


“It’s not having much that makes you rich — it’s the giving much that makes you rich. Give and you are the rich.”

– Ann Voskamp, A Letter to the North American Church: Because it is Time


“If God sends u…


“If God sends us on stony paths, he provides strong shoes.”

– Corrie Ten Boom

Few people are …


Few people are interested in a religion that has nothing to say to the world and offers them only life after death, when what people are really wondering is whether there is life before death.

– Shane Claiborne, “The Irresistible Revolution” pg 117

Jesus: Calmer of Anxiety

Here’s the email I got:

Hi Studio friends! If you are receiving this email from us it’s because we have you scheduled to serve this weekend in the Studio. JR will be speaking on one of my very favorite names of God. Dying to know which one?  It’s found in Mark 4:35-40. To be entered into our exciting drawing for something GREAT, figure out his name using the passage and share with us a time He has proven Himself to be worthy of that name in your life. You have until noon on Saturday to deliver on the challenge. Go, friends, GO!
Your week is about to get better with the illumination of Mark 4:35-40!

Here’s the response I gave:

So I want to participate in the sharing, but I don’t want to win anything. Sharing is fun enough for me :) What is Jesus’s name here? Really, you want just one?? I see Peace in the Storm, Calmer of Anxiety, Rest in Chaos, Defeater of Fear, Defender of Faith… it keeps going. I love how God can use just five verses to share so much of his nature and truth with us. My name pick for the story is “Calmer of Anxiety.” The most anxious time in my life was a weekend this past July. I had a CPA exam that put me sick to my stomach with dizziness, cold sweats and all that horrid stuff. So many people were praying. The day of the exam the anxiety was intensely worse, but Jesus is the Calmer of Anxiety. Not five minutes into my 3hr test, Jesus had me in tears with his goodness and peace. Never have I felt a calm as intense as that one. Safe to say the exam turned out fine! Jesus: Calmer of Anxiety.Lauren

What do you see in that passage?? What are the other names of Jesus that I missed? What’s your story? Feel free to comment or link me to your response. Facebook responses count too!! :) I love hearing other perspectives. I think that’s why I love this new challenge given by my friend, Melanie. Every week she sends us a copy of the verses in the lesson and we get to guess about the name and share our story. LOVE IT!
To view those verses, click here.