[day 14] Thirty Day Photo Challenge: September 2012 Edition

Today’s post is completely on time!!! This is particularly amazing since I didn’t get to sleep until some time after 3am last night and was awakened by a lovely phone call from an accounting system sales person. I’m serious. It really was a lovely call. He answered all my questions. Sent me an email TWICE over the span of the convo because I wanted more information. I’m just impressed. I have had soo much help from competing customer service. I love it!! I’m use to dealing with companies with HORRIBLE customer service… Charter, Verizon, and Original Mattress Company. So all of these accounting companies are like a breath of fresh air… refreshing.

All of that has nothing to do with my pictures for today. Well, maybe. I was up until after 3am because of my pictures so I guess it does sort of relate. I’m in the Lost Circle Books by Ted Dekker. Here’s my picture!

Day 14:





Why can’t we be content or satisfied?
What are we missing? What can’t we find?
There’s a hole in my soul that I can’t seem to fill
I’ve got no purpose; I’m empty and ill
About everything that ever comes my way
Nothing clicks or is here to stay

Satisfaction is what we’re after
Contentment is what we all need.
Everything we’ve got doesn’t really matter
Something is missing that shouldn’t Continue reading