In da hood (aka Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood)

Okay sooooo I don’t live in a hood or the hood or even a neighborhood at all. I live in a house, by the highway, near the woods, beside my grandma. Anyways, these are my phone shots for the weekly challenge. Kittehs and moss count as “neighborhood” right? I hope so.

Let’s step out the back door:


Ooooooo and squat down to get a good shot:


That was cool. Maybe a little less brick this time?? Hmmm. Not as good as the one before.


Now I’m totally distracted by the sunset.


Yep. Sitting here in the sun is nice :D


Now for a glimpse of what I see. Oh and my rockin awesome shoes. Yay purple!!


Distracted again….


It’s my kitteh!!! She’s fat full of babies! Soon there will be lots of little kitties hopping around everywhere. It will be fantastic!


More of what I see. Leaves. A whole lot of leaves. But such is winter.


And this is the kitteh begging for food. She’s extra pitiful, isn’t she? -Meow meow meow- That is kitty for “yes”.


Ta-da!! This is a day outside with my phone. Not really my neighborhood, but then I don’t really live in one. I don’t have a local coffee shop or a daily run. I have a highway and you can follow me on instagram if you really want to see shots of that haha. Seriously though, I post like one sunrise shot a week from that highway. Gorgeous!

[day 15] Thirty Day Photo Challenge: September 2012 Edition

Soooooo I feel like a milestone has been passed today. One Not Alone went over 1000 views! Pretty cool since I never thought it would even get read. I’ve only been writing since Mid-July when I started it back up. Ahhhh! Coolness.

Today’s 30 Day Photo Challenge entry is full of miscellaneous photos. There’s a mustache, my lunch (have you noticed I’ve posted a lot of food lately?), and an iPhone mirror shot of my new belt. I’ll even throw in a picture of my kittehs. Mostly because they’re cute :)

Day 15: