I passed!! DONE!! *happy dance*

If the title of this post wasn’t enough, let me say it again (cause you know I love to!).. I PASSED!! I am now officially in the “passed the CPA exam” club :D I got the score for BEC today. See:


Now all I need is a job and a year’s worth of experience and I will be licensed. Oh the joy!! I’ve said it over and over again… “Thank you to all my praying peoples!! Without them I wouldn’t have passed and without God I wouldn’t have tried.” Life is fantastically amazing right now!!! *happy dance again*


Life on Becker… Kinda sounds like a drug

The last six months have been filled with Becker classes and grad school. I graduated in June though, so all that’s left is to finish up Becker. I’ve taken and passed FAR and AUD, taken REG, and all that’s left is BEC. Finally!!!! The wonderful end is in sight :D My next and last exam is August 8th and I can’t wait to get it over with. They (the people explaining CPA study effort) weren’t kidding when they said that it would consume my life. It definitely has. Friendships have ended. Family stress has increased. Dates have been avoided. BUT it’s all almost over!!!!! Hooray!!! All I can do is thank God for giving me passing grades on my exams and in my classes. I can do all things through Him and that had been reinforced over and over again in the last six months. Sigh of relief :)



Becker Boredom

Classroom Boredom by laurenichole89
Classroom Boredom, a photo by laurenichole89 on Flickr.

Some things never change and I’m afraid that being totally distracted in class is one of them.

In 4th and 5th grade (yes, both!) I got in trouble sooooooo many times for drawing when I shouldn’t and on things (or people) I shouldn’t. Unfortunately, college and graduate school didn’t change that. In freshman year, I drew on the desk during calculus. In grad school I drew on my soda cup.

In my defense, the art on my soda cup was convincing enough that the professor didn’t notice that I had drawn it. He thought it came that way!! You would think that a cup in the air with a highlighter in one hand would be slightly suspicious, wouldn’t you? Ah well, hats off to Dr. Kerr for boosting my cup design confidence :)