Called as God’s Chosen Child

If you remember a few weeks back, I wrote a poem for my friend Katie at My Eternal Voyage. We talk a lot and in one of those talkings we discovered something very exciting. Well, exciting for us and I hope you too. She loves to play music and sing. I’ve tried and it doesn’t work, but I love to write. She’s always wanted to put someone else’s words to music and I’ve always wanted someone to put music to my words. This is where I exclaim loudly how amazing God is. God is AWESOME!! Our friendship is a very interesting story anyways, but this has just been an added layer of coolness :D (She actually just posted about this if you want to read about it here. Great minds… what can you say?)

Most of the poems on here were written in high school. A small handful were written after, but not many. I thought for a long while that that phase of my life was over. Then I posted a poem (The Water Test) from back then and Katie asked if she could put music to it. I got really, really excited and promised to write her a song. That’s where Chosen Child came from. Because of her, I’ve been writing more again. It’s kinda like I’ve remembered why I loved to write in the first place. It’s an adventure to find the right words, right beat, and flow to the feeling(s) I wanted to share. I like that adventure, even if the story isn’t always mine.

Now Chosen Child has music, not lame music, but happy upbeat ukulele music!!! Andddd it’s posted for you to hear too :D

Hooray for our first collaboration in music and writing! HUZZAH! -fist pump knuckle touch-


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