Christmas Tutorial Surprise – Mustache Wrapping Paper

This is part four of a four-part tutorial set of the Christmas Surprise I mentioned in the Weekly Photo Challenge post here. In each of the parts I will show you how I made all of these fun things:

  1. Mustache Wrapping Paper
  2. Ombre Bleach Tee
  3. Mustache Mug
  4. Merry Christmas Gift Bag

This is the finale and Mustache Wrapping Paper!

Christmas Tutorial Surprise

~~~ Ingredients ~~~

  • Black Sharpie
  • Paper (make sure it’s big enough to wrap your present)
  • Scissors
  • Red Yarn
  • Tape

Christmas Tutorial Surprise

~~~ Instructions ~~~

1. First thing to do is figure out which direction the mustaches need to face. If your present is tall then you might want the mustaches going around it, but if it is short then you might want them going over. Maybe diagonal??? You decide.

Once you figure it out, start drawing mustaches with your sharpie. Note: You could also make a few mustache stamps and then just stamp them on. I don’t have stamps, stamp ink or the means of making such things right now, so I went with the marker :)

Christmas Tutorial Surprise

Christmas Tutorial Surprise

Christmas Tutorial Surprise

Christmas Tutorial Surprise

Christmas Tutorial Surprise

2. Now that your paper is covered and technically wrapping paper, it’s time to cover the gift! Wrap that present! Make sure the right-side is facing out. Don’t want all that work to go for nothing. That is, unless you want the bleed-though mustache look, then by all means do it.

Christmas Tutorial Surprise

Christmas Tutorial Surprise

3. Once your present is all taped and wrapped, it’s time for a bow. I really liked how the red yarn looked with the mustaches *(See the end for my bad joke). I just wrapped the yarn around and then ended with a simple bow on top. Cuteness!!

Christmas Tutorial Surprise - Mustache Wrapping Paper


Well this is the end of the Christmas Surprise Tutorial. I hope you get to try one of them out :) Thanks for joining me!!

*What’s black and white and red all over??? A mustache Christmas gift of course!!


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