Instagraming :D

I’ve always been a little frustrated with the fact that instagram didn’t have a way to share photos with people who didn’t have instagram, besides twitter or facebook, that is. BUT now I’ve found one. It’s called Statigram and it holds all of your instagram photos, plus updates them daily. Pretty cool? Ummm yes!!

*sigh* Now I need a new button to link you to them. For now, here’s the link :)

In other news, recruiting is going good. I have office visits with both BDO and KPMG. Hopefully by mid-November, I’ll have accepted an offer. AND hopefully by January, I’ll be starting my job in Expatriate Tax :D. Yes, I know I’m a total nerd. No, you don’t have to tell me.

In still more news, I’ve finished 3 new nail tutorials with another being made tomorrow. Sadly, I’ve not posted them yet so they seem unaccomplished. There is a floral one, a Micky Mouse one, and an under the sea one.

In more interesting news, we have kittens!!! YES PLURAL!!!!! Two little baby kittehs made their appearance last week. Mommy kitteh has been keeping them under the empty house up the road and decided to move them to us last week. It’s very exciting :D. There is a black one and a gray one. Black is a girl and gray is a boy. Alex has decided that they should be named Henry and Fernando. Yes, it’s like a scene from UP. “Henry’s a girl?!?!” Basically, he named them and won’t budge even though the rest of us prefer a less manly name for a girl kitteh. Whatever.


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