Acrylic Nail Tutorial: Coffee Stripes and Chocolate

Hey peoples! For this nail tutorial, I’ve tried to make it a little more pinterest friendly so there is a longer photo at the end with all the steps :) After I had finished painting this particular design, my brothers informed me that my fingers looked like I had committed M&M murder. After another look from this perspective, I have to agree with them haha!

~~~ Ingredients ~~~

  • Paint Brush
  • Cup of Water
  • Paper plate to mix colors on
  • Clear Coat
  • White Acrylic
  • Brown Acrylic
  • Paper towl

~~~ Instructions ~~~

1. Paint your nails with a clear coat. This sets the base for the nail design and protects your finger nails.

2. Paint your nails the brown color of choice. As many coats as you think necessary. I have a cheaper brown paint so it took about three to get the coverage I wanted. I didn’t mix it any lighter or darker, mostly because I really love the chocolate brown color I had. Very pretty :D

3. Once that was dry, I did something a little different this time: painted my clear coat on all my nails, including the accent. I did this by accident at first. I only meant to paint 4 of my fingers, but got a little carried away and before I realized, my ring finger was completely painted. You can either clear coat them all now or skip to the next step. (Sorry I didn’t get a picture. You can tell from the next one that the other fingers are clear coated.)

4. Once the clear coat is dry (or paint if you skipped that step), it’s time for your accent nail. I mixed a little of the brown with some white to make a very nice coffee color. Then I put two stripes on my accent nail.

5. Let the paint dry and then clear coat over all the nails with exposed acrylic paint. For me, that was only my ring fingers.

6. When the clear coat is dry (I used a hair dryer to speed up the process), you can then wash your hands with soap and water to remove the excess acrylic paint from your hands. I love that it cleans up so nicely!!

Have fun with it!! I’d love to see your nail designs, so feel free to pingback, comment or even post them on my facebook page. I’m looking forward to seeing them!

Anddddd as promised, here’s my pinterest friendly picture :)


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