Venting and Progress Update/Nose-dive

Do you remember these from the other day?


  • Keep on time with Photo Challenge posts
  • Post my Business Nail Tutorial (It’s just sitting there with pictures and no words)
  • Finish the Lost Circle Books by Ted Dekker… I’m on Chaos with two left to go
  • Start Hunger Games?? (possibly)
  • Write my thank you emails… never been good at that *frowns*
  • Make at least one new nail tutorial
  • Finish my tankini… right now it’s a bikini and I am so NOT comfortable with it staying that way haha
  • Hang my diplomo
  • Finish Alex’s minecraft house.

Sooo those marked ones are done, but the others… not so much. It’s funny how I seem to start a week and then never do the things I intended. The “keep on time” one is a total fail after posting twice today to get it that way. Eh, it is what it is. Here are the things that replaced that list:

  • Research and report on accounting systems for my friend’s nonprofit
  • Research online donation solutions for her nonprofit
  • Successfully attend recruiting (hopefully landing myself an offer by November)
  • Redesign my brother’s resume

Lots of useful and productive stuff. Working on research for my friend’s nonprofit is why I didn’t post yesterday. Fund accounting and customer service interviews put me in a happy place that had my nerd heart soaring!! I know, get a life. I’m working on it :)

Redesigning my brother’s resume is my venting need for the day. I HATE MICROSOFT. I hate Windows. I hate Excel. I hadn’t realized how Mac dependent I had become until today. I love my Mac. I tell people about it. The only thing left to do is name him. I name EVERYTHING, but for some reason my MacBook Pro has been nameless for a year. Maybe that will be my experiment with the polls feature on here :)

So this was less venting and more updating. That’s good. It means I’ve calmed down significantly since this afternoon. I was yelling at Excel… not pretty. Things are better now. Maybe even good enough to get a nail tutorial written tomorrow. The trouble with those is that the acrylic lasts so darn long that I have to use remover to make a new one ;)


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