Stuff and stuff about stuff and accountability

Basically this post is of the things I want to get done this week. I think maybe if I post about it, I will have some motivation to actually finish….. or not and then apologize later. Apologizing is tiring though. Trust me, I do it a lot so I know these things haha :)


  • Keep on time with Photo Challenge posts
  • Post my Business Nail Tutorial (It’s just sitting there with pictures and no words)
  • Finish the Lost Circle Books by Ted Dekker… I’m on Chaos with two left to go
  • Start Hunger Games?? (possibly)
  • Write my thank you emails… never been good at that *frowns*
  • Make at least one new nail tutorial
  • Finish my tankini… right now it’s a bikini and I am so NOT comfortable with it staying that way haha
  • Hang my diplomo
  • Finish Alex’s minecraft house.

So that’s it. The last one will be the easiest because that’s what I really really want to do after church today, but the rest… maybe. I want to do all of them in one way or another, but sitting down to do them is the hard part. Do you know what I mean???


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