[day 9] Thirty Day Photo Challenge: September 2012 Edition

I’m posting on time!!! Just in case you missed that little fact :D Today’s post is of my kitteh. She just had kittens and I haven’t found them yet, but they should show up soon. Her name is Daisy. It was originally Nutella because our boy cat is named Caramel, but my dad changed it a few days later. Caramel is Daddy’s “hunting cat.” He’ll go squirrel hunting and Caramel will follow him and pounce on the prey. After a while, Daddy started saying “Come on, Duke. Let’s go shoot em.” and “Dat’s Duke, he’s my huntin’ cat.” Since Caramel is named Duke, the girl was dubbed Daisy and that’s who she’s stayed.

Oh, and you should know that my daddy isn’t southern…. he’s just watched too many episodes of Swamp People and likes to mimic them whenever he can haha! Mimicking is kinda a family thing. We’re all really good at accents and copy just about anything we can. Thus, between Swamp People and Duck Dynasty, our backwoods southern voices have had a great deal of practice.

Day 9: Daisy





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