Acrylic Nail Tutorial: Gray Business

Hey peoples! This is another acrylic nail art tutorial. Unfortunately I was in a hurry on Friday and didn’t make a video of my nail painting. I could have, but I would have seemed overkill to me since this one is pretty easy. It is basically two coats of gray sandwiched between two clear coats. The hardest part was mixing the color to get the one I wanted. I also didn’t use an accent nail this time. Don’t get me wrong.. I love accent nails, but it just didn’t seem business appropriate for this occasion. Plus, tomorrow I have my professional meet and greet and I didn’t want to have to redo my nails for it :)

~~~ Gray Business Nail Tutorial ~~~
Acrylic paint (I used a gray and white)
Clear nail polish
Paint brush
Water (to rinse brushes)
Cloth to wipe brushes on (I use a paper towel)
Plate, paper, board, or something else to mix colors on and put paint on

Acrylic Nail Tutorial: Gray Business


1) First add a clear coat to your nails. This gives the acrylic something to stick to and it protects your nail. I used a clear strengthener coat. Be sure to let it dry before you move on to the next step.

Acrylic Nail Tutorial: Gray Business

2) Then it’s time to mix your colors. Add a little dot of gray (or black depending on how dark you want to go) and white to your plate. Blend them together until you get the color you want. You might want to make a good amount of this color so that you don’t run out. I ran out three times. Luckily, I’ve been color blending since my mom let me first play with paint (19-20 years ago) so I’ve had good practice on matching colors I wanted.

Acrylic Nail Tutorial: Gray Business

Acrylic Nail Tutorial: Gray Business

3) Once you’ve got the color you want, it’s time to cover your nails. Don’t worry about messes because the acrylic washes off wonderfully. It’s one of the reasons that I like acrylic nail painting soooooo much more than plain nail polish. Mistake recovery is easy!

Acrylic Nail Tutorial: Gray Business

Acrylic Nail Tutorial: Gray Business

4) Once you’ve covered your nails with one or two coats of paint, it’s time for your clear coat. This is the time to make sure your nails are the way you want them to be. Cover with a clear coat. Be careful here. I did take off a bit of the paint on Friday while clear coating. Probably because I was in a hurry to finish before the recruiting picnic. Nevertheless, make sure you don’t rub the nail polish bristles too hard because paint WILL come off. It only happened on one finger… maybe because I slowed down after that :)

Acrylic Nail Tutorial: Gray Business

5) After your clear coat has dried, wash your hands really well. This will take off the extra acrylic paint, leaving a very nice looking nail job.


I really like the gray color. It looks great with my suit and professional tops. AND it looks good with my turquoise skinny jeans. Gotta have variety :) Feel free to pin it and view the rest of my nail inspirations/tutorials on my Nailed board on pinterest.


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