Urban Flowers (aka Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban)

This was a hard post to find a photo for. I don’t live in an urban area (Walmart and subdivisions are not urban to me), so I’ve pulled one of my pictures from a few years ago when I was living in Wales. My friends and I took a day trip to London on our day off. We did the ride the bus tour. We did the walk for forever tour. We did the take pictures everywhere thing too. The amazing thing about our one day in London was the weather. The temperature was a tad warm, but that’s to be expected in late July. The sky though was breathtaking. Blue, blue, and more blue with little white puffy clouds. GORGEOUS!! I couldn’t ask for a prettier (or more conducive to photography) day than the one we received.

The reason I picked the picture above for the challenge is because urban doesn’t mean concrete and metal to me. My favorite urban places are fully of color and vibrancy. All over London were walls of flowers. Walls of them!! So much green, pink, purple, white, blue and red everywhere. I suppose the people putting up these flowers were compensating for the gray rain that usually surrounds London. And if the flowers combined with the blue sky weren’t enough, we passed countless walls with bright graffiti on them, colorful banners hanging from the sky, and posters of bright adverts. All together, they made a very colorful urban area.

Here are some of my favorite London pictures:

23 thoughts on “Urban Flowers (aka Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban)

  1. This is an excellent selection of images for the theme. You have a good eye for capturing the heart of the urban landscape. Well done…

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    • Hahahaha! It’s hard to go to London and NOT end up with pictures everyone else has :) Were you riding on a double-decker bus to get the bridge shot, too? Who knows we may have been on the same bus and had no idea!
      My favorite duplicate shot is one I didn’t share of three red telephone booths lined up together… my three teammates and I took the exact same picture of it for a total of four pictures of a man leaving a set of three telephone booths. We didn’t discover it until this past Christmas when I shared my album with them. The discovery had us nearly in tears laughing so hard at such a common picture! You don’t happen to have a picture of three red telephone booths lined up together do you? haha

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    • Exactly!! It seems the smaller the area for color to be, the more carefully planned out the color is. I love seas of high grass and the smell of tall forests, but there is a certain beauty that is only found in hanging flowers and city parks. I’m glad someone else notices this too!

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