Learning to Write

Learning to write. It might sound odd, but this is what I’m learning to do. No, not write as in stories, posts, papers, essays or letters. I mean physically learning to write. My right hand is my dominant hand or my “writing” hand. My left hand does other things. It types, washes dishes, paints nails, holds stuff… but it doesn’t write.

Today I began the process of teaching my left hand to write. It is severely more painful than I originally expected. Not pain as in self esteem, but physically painful. My hand is cramping like nobody’s business!!! But it’s worth it. At least I hope so. Does being able to write consistently well with both hands ever come in handy?? (Get it? “Hand”y? haha! Cheesy, but admit it, you giggled.) One day it will be. I feel sure of it!

Here’s my “A” page from today :)


Does anyone else decide to learn something new, even when that new thing sounds odd to be learning?? I can’t be the only one who does this!


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