Hair Chalking Redo Tutorial

This is another how-to on hair chalking :)

~~~ Tutorial ~~~
First prepare to have dirty hands, but no worries because they clean up quickly!


  • Water (spray bottle, sink, bucket, etc… just need a way to get it on the hair. I used my hand.)
  • Soft Pastels (don’t use oil pastels, as they will make your hair nasty, or sidewalk chalk since it won’t stick)
  • Towel (only if putting heat near someone’s face)
  • Straightener or Hair Dryer (flat iron works best and you just wipe it off when done)


1) Wet the hair completely.

2) Pick a section of hair. It is best to use small portions. Rub the pastel in a downward direction. Keep rubbing down. If you start rubbing up the hair, it will take the pastel back off. If the pastel isn’t sticking, try wetting the actual pastel stick to get more pigment. I also found that rubbing the long side of the pastel down the hair left more pigment than the small drawing end. Scroll down to see how to do ombre, if you like that look.

3) Use the flat iron on the sections of colored hair. If you don’t press down too hard, you can pull the straightener down the hair just like you would to straighten it. (If using a hair dryer, just try to keep the hair as flat as possible.) If you are straightening a portion of hair near the face, you might want to cover up the face/neck/exposed skin with a towel. The steam coming off the straightener is pretty hot. OUCH! Just keep adding heat to the hair until the water has gone. You’ll be able to tell when this happens… the hair will go from looking like it has no pastel on it to nearly glowing with bright color! It’s my favorite part :)

4) Admire your work and post some pictures!! I would love to see what you come up with so feel free to post comments or pictures here or in the comment section below. Seriously, other peoples creativity inspires my own :)

Here are the results from Monday’s hair chalking adventure:

To get the ombre look, rub down with one color and then finish with another. On this side, I started with lime green and rubbed about halfway down. Then I picked up with dark green and finished rubbing. There should be some overlap of the two colors for the best results. That’s why it looks like there is more dark green than light. Play around with it. It’s surprising which colors blend well together!

For the rainbow ombre, I started with pink, then blue, green, yellow, orange and finally red. In each color change, I had to overlap the colors and get the pastels a little wet. I also had to re-wet the hair because it dried faster than I could apply the pastel.

My friend bleached her hair underneath so we decided to add a pink/blue ombre on the bleached part. Blonde is soooo much easier to color and doesn’t really need any water to take the pigment.

Clean Up:

Everything is washable so just wash it with soap and water. My hand cleaned off very easily with just water. Her hair washed out with some shampoo and water. If it gets on clothes (or pillowcase if you sleep in it) just throw them in the wash and it should come out. It came out of all my clothes anyways.

I hope you have fun with it!! And I meant it before, let me know how it goes for you :)


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