What went wrong :[ (aka Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong)

This is my late addition to the Weekly Photo Challenge. It’s late because things got busy on Monday and continued into yesterday which led to me not getting home until today. BUT that also means I have a lot to post :D

Brief Update (skip if you don’t care) – Monday was hair chalking with one of my middle school girls from church. We also made a lovely picture on a napkin from Subway that will be shown in a later post. Tuesday (yesterday) was graphic tee day. My friend Dina and I bleached and fabric painted some graphic tees. I seriously underestimated the time it takes to trace, cut and iron freezer paper onto shirts. IT TAKES FOREVER!!!!! But it was completely worth it :) We started the process at 2, which included talking, shopping, tracing, cutting, ironing, painting, bleaching, peeling, washing, freaking, laughing, and ahhhing. Yes, ahhhing is a verb. You’ll see the whole process in a DIY tutorial later. After the tees, we went to Fox & Hound for karaoke night. There was loud singing, some of which wasn’t that bad, and an unusual amount of drunk people. It’s usually pretty calm, but last night had some pretty enthusiastic dancing drinkers. I was thoroughly entertained haha!

Now for what went wrong with in the picture: bleach. It is like liquid power. Everything is fine until it goes to one’s head. Or in this case, smears on one’s shirt. It was going so fantastic until I went to wash the bleach off. I peeled the freezer paper and took the cardboard lining out. The only problem was that, as these two things were happening, the tee folded up onto itself and the bleach touched dry parts before I could get it under the water. I washed the bleach off the best I could but the 10 second contact had already worked its evil. *sigh* SO much time changed in an instant.

I guess most of life is like that too. I can’t count how many moments have completely altered my life. Some left me stained in a good way and others not so much. When I was 16, my cousin shot himself. That 10 second phone call completely changed my life. Bad. Last year, one of my professors called me into her office and asked me to give up my $1000 scholarship. I told her okay and asked why. She then informed me that I had won another scholarship. This one was for $10,000. That 10 second conversation completely changed my life. Good.

In summary, graphic tees are cool. Things going wrong? Not so much.

Update: If you want to see the bleach graphic tee tutorial, click here.


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