Thoughts on the art of paper… sort of.

Sooooo since I finally finished up the CPA exam today (confidently assuming I passed haha) and grad school back in June, AND since recruiting doesn’t begin until September, a lot of free time lays before me. More than I’ve had in over a year. I’ve been looking forward to it for a while (since February really) and it kind of feels like a vacation. You know how you save up as much money as possible to go blow it on a specific and slightly random purpose while on vacation? (I did this in Cardiff once… bought a scarf and a cardigan. Not really a big spender.) Well, I feel like I’ve saved up three weeks worth of time to go spend on whatever the heck I feel like. I want to paint. I want to finish the Ted Dekker series I’m in the middle of. (Side note rabbit trail thingy: Have you read him??? He is amazing!! If his plot twists weren’t enough, the way nearly EVERY SINGLE book ties to all the others is incredible. Mind. Blown.) I want to read the Harry Potter series from start to finish in a single week. I want to make random tutorials/movies. I want to hang-out with my friends. I want to make more paper art. Let the time splurging begin!! (Does any one else save up time like this? Seems to be an odd way to think about it…)

The last “I want…” is what inspired this post. Paper art, the art of paper. (Do you make this too?) So far my paper art has been from a definition and from Bible verses. I didn’t really like the definition kind. The Bible verse ones I plan to continue though because there are so many different verses to make art from and loads of them could be done more than once. I’ve showed you one of my paper art works before (here) and my current blog display photo is of another one.. my favorite so far!! I love the color mixed-upedness :)

Anyways, my new idea for paper art is to do one for each of my poems. Most of the poems I’ve posted before now are from high school and college. I haven’t written a new one in quite a while. But this is something I want to get back to. Maybe making paper art for them will inspire something?? Maybe not. I don’t know.


4 thoughts on “Thoughts on the art of paper… sort of.

    • Oh he’s soo good!! Black, Red, White and Green are my favorite series of his so far. Three has the biggest plot twists though and, as far as I remember, can be read on its own. Blink of an Eye… it does this really cool play on time thing. I hope you enjoy his books as much as I do!! Definitely one of my favorite authors :)

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