Last one….

In 11 hours or so, I will begin my final CPA exam. I’ve saved the supposed easiest for last, BEC. It stands for Business Environment and Concepts. Basically, it’s my undergrad degree in Accounting plus all the extra business classes rolled up into one pretty little 3hr exam. And I can’t wait for it. I’ve been ready to get this thing over with since Sunday.

I always take the day before the exam off from studying. Kind of a brain break before the intensity of the exam begins. It started on May 3rd, the day before FAR. I had every intention of taking a practice test and it never happened. Instead it was like my brain told my will “Look. I know you want to do this, but I can’t take it any more. I’m done and unless you want me to be done tomorrow too, you need to give me a break.” I gave in and spent the rest of the day swinging, playing video games and watching TV. Passed FAR with my highest score, 89.

May 28th was the day before AUD. It was also Memorial Day and the day of my youngest brother’s graduation party. Safe to say I talked with friends, ate hot wings, and did everything except study for the exam! And it turned out fine. Passed AUD with my lowest score, 84, which was probably due to the fact that I only completed about half of the homework required in Becker…. oops.

July 8th was the sickest day of the year. Literally. I had every intention of studying for REG, which I took the next afternoon, but somewhere around 3am I was sitting by the toilet being very ill. That continued until about 4am when I wrote a sticky note for my door that said “Got sick. Not going to church. DON’T wake me up, please.” Turns out that nervousness and anxiety really can make a person extremely ill. AND unable to study. I spent the day curled up on a bed or a sofa with nausea and cold sweats. Luckily, no one wanted to be around me so the TV was all mine :D Oh, and I passed that one too, with an 85. (My post from the other day.)

This time (Aug 7th) I planned the day off in myself. No brain forcing, or party forcing, or sickness forcing, just a day off. And it has been good. Good eating, over an hour of exercise, and my favorite parts of the Olympics (women’s floor and men’s high bar) were on. It’s been a good day!!

So the end is near for this exam and I will not miss studying in the slightest. If you pray, feel free to send God some prayers for my exam. You’ll be joining several other people, if you do. I wouldn’t have passed the other 3 without the prayers. That I am confident of. I won’t pass this one if prayers aren’t prayed this time too. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Prayer is one way to receive strength. BEC, bring it on!!


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