The greatest of these is…

LOVE. That’s the answer. Love is the greatest.

Back in December of last year, I found out about Art Journaling. Basically, it’s taking a day, word, time of life, question, etc and making art from it. (If you want to see other people’s journal pictures/inspirations my Blogged and Paper boards on pinterest have links to them.) I used the word “love.” AND with my art journal, some paint, colored pencils, homemade modge podge, some oil pastels, and a couple of pages ripped from an old stinky book (no way I was gonna read a smell that bad. GROSS!) this is what happened :)

This page (and post) was inspired by a Bible verse about love. Really the entire chapter is on love, but this one verse stood out to me. It says “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” That’s a pretty bold statement. Out of all that there is, love is the greatest, best, strongest, most. Why? There are loads of answers, I suppose. Some of mine are:
Without love, everything I do would be purely selfish.
Without love, friendships would end because there would be no capacity for forgiveness, patience, or tolerance.
Without love, there would be no point in living.
Without love, you wouldn’t be you and I wouldn’t be me.

That last one…. It’s not my love that made me me near as much my family’s love, my friends’ love, and even a stranger’s love. The kind of love that shows simple kindness when things are going horrific; that one little act that makes an absolutely rotten day seem to be not as bad as it was five minutes ago. That’s the love that changes people.

Love is one of the reasons I believe in Jesus. Everything he taught and lived was based in love. (I’m not speaking from an upbringing… I’m speaking from years of reading, praying and action.) He fed the poor. He healed the broken, hurting and scarred. He defended the weak. He opposed the religious tyranny of the day, challenging the rules and regulations, not to be center of attention or cause people harm, but to give freedom to those stuck thinking that one wrong move would condemn them forever. AND even when those people came to murder him, he healed one of them when a man’s ear was cut off. That is some kind of love. That’s the kind of love I want to have/be. The kind that does what is best for people. Not necessarily what they want, but what is best.

What do you think? Do you think love is the greatest?


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