Hair chalking! Experiment success :D

Last night I found hair chalking on pinterest. It is a temporary hair dye/pigment using soft pastels. I tried it out this morning on my dirty hair with no luck. Absolutely none. I do have extra thick oily hair though so that may have been the problem.

This evening I tried again. This time was success!! The differences: I was more awake. I rubbed in a single direction. I finished with quick hair dry on hot to set the colors. The color combos were fun and I will definitely do this again!! Sounds like success to me :D

Here’s the how to:

Materials: water, heat substance, soft pastels (don’t use sidewalk chalk)

Hair chalking! Experiment success :D

1) Wet hair
2) Rub pastel in a single direction on hair. I used down because it seemed to leave more pigment. I also had to wet the pastel sometimes because it was drying too fast.
3) Dry hair. I used a hair dryer on high, but a flat iron would work too (just wipe it off when you finish).

And that’s it! My soft pastels were from Michael’s. Saw them there today for 24 colors for $5. (Mine are old which might be why I had some trouble this morning.) Lots of fun and the colors show up pretty good. Those colors are blue and pink btw :)

This is the blog I learned it from. Have fun!!

Update: For a more detailed tutorial, click here. It’s my hair chalking tutorial redo. More pictures and more details. Plus, better results. Who doesn’t like that??


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