Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple (aka iPod Nails)

iPod Nails  by laurenichole89
iPod Nails , a photo by laurenichole89 on Flickr.

Yes, this is another nail post :) BUT that’s okay because nail design is a perfectly good way to express yourself.

This one was unintentionally intentional. I know that makes zero sense right now, but hear me out. I intentionally painted my ring fingers purple and the rest white. Why? Because it looked cool. I unintentionally caused my family to question my sanity by doing this, though. Rather than explain that I had no good reason other than liking my fingers to be different, I painted little flowers on the white fingers (again in purple) and etched a white stick design into my ring fingers. Eh, it works…. sort of. Two days later I changed them to the beautiful blue ones I showed you here :)

My other reason for posting again today was to join the weekly challenge. I think it will be fun to have my creativity sparked by the random pictures they ask to be posted. For obvious reasons, this is my purple post. (It was almost the flowers on the front porch, but nail art seemed more creative.)


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