This post… oh she says it so well: Jen Hatmaker – In the Basement

This blog post puts in words a whole lot of the frustration I have been feeling. I live in North Carolina and anyone who has paid attention to the news in the last 6 months knows that May and the couple of months leading up to it were HORRIBLE. If the people living here weren’t enough, we had to deal with people from every other U.S. state telling us what to do, what to think and most importantly (to those people) how to vote. I don’t tell people in Michigan how to vote, or Texas, or New York, or Iowa, or California, or any other state. I DON’T LIVE THERE. So why should I tell them what to do?? That is in no way loving or kind. It is in fact rude, overbearing, domineering, obnoxious and, in the words of a well spoken child, being a meany pants. So why would I want anyone doing the same to me only because I live in a particular state? I don’t.

All this Chick-fil-a nonsense sounds like the same blaring noise all over again. I’m just sick of it. Opinions are all fine and dandy until people start condemning one another over them. People shouldn’t do it, companies shouldn’t do it, churches shouldn’t do it, and governments shouldn’t do it.

Jen Hatmaker – In the Basement.


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