Giant Volleyball Smotherer

Giant Volleyball Smotherer by laurenichole89
Giant Volleyball Smotherer, a photo by laurenichole89 on Flickr.

So this past week has been full of VBS, which is when loads of kids (811 to be precise) come to get a break from their parents. They play games and learn about Jesus and God. It is one of my favorite weeks of the year!!!!! The VBS my church hosts is called Winning Edge: Sports + More. The 3-6th graders get to pick one of the activities and learn how to play it all week. We had Soccer, Science, Football, Cheerleading, Dance, Art, Tae Kwan Do, Basketball, and GSPN (which is video production).

The K-2nd get to do a craft, learn a song, have snack and play outdoor games. This year I was in outdoor games… hence the giant volleyball :) We had the kids rotate stations each day. For most of the week, I was over the volleyball station, but on Tuesday I ran the “Splash Baseball” station, where we hit spashballs with tennis rackets and ran the bases. Anyways, this fact is needed information for my VBS moments :) These are taken from facebook:

Day 1:”Okay, I got it :D My VBS moment of the day is when volleyball was a fail with 2nd grade and we started doing a goofy talent show. There was a haybale for a stage and Grant S. said that I needed to back up cause he had to show me his skills. He then proceeded to do the worm on the haybale and break dance spin on a tarp so much so that the tarp got wrapped around his legs and I had to help him get out. It was great and hilarious all at the same time!!”

Day 2: “My VBS moment of the day… I told all the first graders to put their listening ears on and Bryson from the blue room yelled at me “I didn’t bring any listening ears!!” I said “Well, I have an extra pair in my back pocket.” Dug some “listening ears” out and handed them to him. He said “OH! Thank you very much!” and proceeded to screw the ears into his head. He listened the entire time haha!!!”

“VBS Coma. It’s the kind that comes from sun, kids, lots of running, and being uber goofy with hundreds of laughing people. Ohhhhh I love this week!!!”

Day 3: “Winning Edge moment #1: There were 18 first graders gathered around a tarp. I told them that if they shook it as hard as they could then a rainbow would appear. “No way!!!” they said. I tossed water on and yelled “GO!” and the squeals of laughter when they finally saw them were contagiously amazing!!”

“Winning Edge moment #2: Bryson from the first grade wasn’t listening so I asked him if he remembered to bring his listening ears today…
Bryson: “Nope! They’re at home.” -big smile-
Me: “Well, I have an extra pair. -dug some from my pocket- Here.”
Bryson: “Thanks Miss Lauren!!” -screwed them in his head-
A little bit later he wasn’t listening again.
Me: “Bryson, what happened to your listening ears?”
Bryson: “Oh they’re broken.”
Me: “Do you need some more?”
Bryson: “No, she’s letting me uses her’s now.” -grabs some from the girl beside him and screws them in- “I’m ready!”
This kid cracks me up!!!”

Day 4: “VBS Moments: When most of the church was finally empty, the Freshour kids, the Allen kids (+Marlee) and I decided to have bonus VBS… meaning we played a very loud game of hide and seek which ended up with lots of running, screaming, clapping and laughing. Later the Allen girls and I played “find your sister” in the lockers. Never knew shoving a kid in a locker could be so much fun! Quite possibly the best day yet :D”

I love this week sooooo much!!! If it didn’t leave me so completely exhausted, I’d do it all over again tomorrow :)

The results from the week were:

811– Kids were loved on and heard the Gospel

67 – Kids who accepted the life-transforming gift of Salvation!

35 – Kids who rededicated their lives to Christ!

$2,219.99 – Dollars collected over five days that will be used to provide relief to those impacted by the fires in Colorado.

305 – Individuals heard God tug on their hearts, willingly sacrificed a week of their summer, and accepted the challenge to pull together in order to help kids see and hear from Jesus.

Sounds fantastically amazing to me!!


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