To the mine! [insert epic theme music here]

Two of my favorite time wasting games on the computer are Minecraft and Terraria. Equally addictive, they both have a main premise of getting treasure. Minecraft was created first and is 3D, while Terraria is 2D. Both have zombies at night and encourage deep underground digging. I’m not sure what is so addictive about it, but I think it has something to do with the randomly generated sense of adventure.

They also encourage creativity. Minecraft is the most creative. Homes, sculptures, sky-high designs, redstone contraptions…. pretty much anything you can think of can be built in Minecraft. Both have multiplayer capabilities for those socially inclined people. And now I sound like a game promoter. I’m NOT though. Just really like playing around! And here’s a clip of some minecraft:

Soooooo I will now have to make a video to give you a better idea of minecraft…. or you could just search on your own for them since my posting skills are rather sporadic ;)

My other time wasting (or possibly useful one day as most say) activity is pinterest. I absolutely love it!! (you can follow me here) There is so much to make, so much to learn, so much to eat…. ohhh it has become quite an addiction! But I don’t know that it is a bad addiction. It inspires creativity and I have made changes because of it. I’m slowly getting rid of my ridiculous t-shirt collection and wearing grown-up clothes. New foods have been discovered and consumed. I have learned how to properly apply and wear eye make-up (finally!!). AND I suppose most importantly, my friendships have grown because of all the things we have seen to talk about!! If you use it, you know what I mean… “OHHH guess what I saw on pinterest!” “Did you see what I pinned yesterday?” and such. So it really isn’t a time waster right? Yeah, we’re all convinced now.


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