How to Cut a Mango

Today I learned how to cut a mango. Here is a short quiz on your mango cutting abilities/knowledge (because I know that knowledge does not necessarily translate into ability).

1. A ripe mango is:

  • A. Red or Orange
  • B. Green
  • C. Hard
  • D. Pinkish Color

2. The stone of a mango is:

  • A. Round like a peach
  • B. Flat
  • C. The most yummy part
  • D. Located at the top most portion of the mango

3. The best way to cut a mango is:

  • A. Right down the middle
  • B. Across the center horizontally
  • C. In a food processor
  • D. About one centimeter to either side of the middle

Well, how did you do??? I don’t think I would have gotten them right…. except for maybe a few really good guesses. The answers are 3:D 2:B and 1:A. And yes they are ordered that way just in case someone caught a quick glance of them. Don’t want to ruin the quiz.

Now for the instructions…..

Well first you… then you…. and then you…. then it’s time to eat! Isn’t that lovely????? Here’s the video I watched:

How to cut a mango

I hope you get to try one of these tasty things!!


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